Feb 072011

It is not a well known fact, but the moment that inspired the birth of Five Hole for Food was actually a game during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Amidst the widespread patriotism and 14 days of straight celebration it was a road hockey game that planted a seed that would one day grow to be a cross-Canada trip.

During the Olympics there was a ball hockey game played outside the Molson Canadian Hockey House. To the left was a giant screen on the side of the Ontario Pavilion which broadcast the Women’s Gold Medal hockey game. To the right was the Hockey House itself and it was there in a court that 25 guys got together to play a Team Red vs. Team White Olympic Road Hockey game. As Canada’s women won the gold medal, so ended our game as well and the number of people that had walked by and asked to get involved just demonstrated the power of hockey in Canada as the ultimate ice breaker, and one of the strongest bonds we all share as Canadians.

When we heard that they were shutting down Granville to try and recreate some of those Olympic memories we were first to ask about the road hockey. Lets be honest, it wouldn’t really be a commemorative street party if there wasn’t any road hockey now would it?

On February 12th we’ve teamed up with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association to bring back to Granville one of the things that made it so special when the Olympics were in town. Remember the pick up games of road hockey that would break out in the middle of the street? The goals that would just appear and the group of guys that would start playing hockey just because the sport is that awesome? Well it’s coming back and we want you to come out! We’re recreating Center Ice on Granville!

Come and join us as we commemorate the first anniversary of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games on Granville Street and join us in a game of hockey. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society will be on site collecting donations so bring your hockey stick, don’t forget your red and white and get in the action!

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