Ask Katie about the Canucks: Comebacks, Goalies, Nicknames and Pranks

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Keith Ballard, Vancouver Canucks

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Welcome back, Ask Katie readers. I hope you all enjoyed the Canucks win on Saturday and your weekends, including yesterday’s Heritage Classic in Calgary. Carey Price looked like he was about to get pneumonia and perhaps did, considering the Flames scored four unanswered goals on the poor guy.

Adrian (@unambig) asks: Maybe you’re a closet Flames fan?

Katie: Maybe the Leafs will make it to the Cup final?

I digress. I actually fell asleep on the couch in the second period and woke up to find the Habs had been routed and the neighbour across the street staring into my living room window at me. Yes. Creepy.

Anyway, lots of good questions this week, so let’s get to them.

@Left_Wing_Lock asks: Long-term plans for Schneider in Van?

Katie: Unfortunately I really don’t think there are any. Everyone knows that Schneider is basically trade bait, which is part of the reason he’ll play 20-25 games by the end of this season (and he’s not doing too shabby either at 10-3-2 and .924 save percentage). He might have one more season serving as backup at the most, but this probably hinges on the team’s health and playoff success (or lack thereof) later this spring to see who management trades him for.

@howesoundbeer asks: Who’s the best shootout goalie in the NHL?

Katie: Jonathan Quick, with seven shootout wins and a .848 save percentage. Where’s Luongo in the NHL’s list of shootout goalies? 31st with .444 save percentage. Ouch.

Andrew (@andz205) asks: We know the Canucks can score, but they are still 0-6-4 when trailing after one. Is this anywhere near concerning?

Katie: A little. I’d be lying if I said this stat didn’t bother me. It’s as if the team is suddenly the exact opposite of their last two seasons as the Comeback Kids. Last year the Canucks were first in the NHL with 11 wins when trailing after two periods. So where’d the Comeback Kids go? They literally can’t come back AT ALL this season, which is a little troubling when you start to think of the playoffs. If the Canucks can’t fight back to win a game with forty minutes left on the clock, then the fans (and the team) have something to be worried about. Perhaps it’s just a fluke or bad luck that the Canucks haven’t been able to battle back (look at the injuries), but if they’re going to get past the second round of the playoffs, they need to earn their nickname back and start winning these games – no matter what.

(Editor’s note:: The 10 times the Canucks are trailing after the first period is lowest in the league. That’s probably because they lead the league in number of times scoring first at 32. One other way to look at this is they don’t have to come back if they’re already leading. Yes, there’s sunshine and rainbows in my cereal this morning. – J.J.)

Herve (@1stLineCenter) asks: What is Salo’s nickname? Who is the jokester on the team?

Katie: Besides Sami? He doesn’t have a real nickname, but I’ve heard Salo called many things by the fan base, including “Balls of Steel”, “FrankenNuck”, “Finnish MacInnis”, and “Man of Glass”.

The jokester is definitely Keith Ballard. Remember when he tried to hide in Bieksa’s hockey bag and scare him? He also teamed up with former Canuck Bryan Allen in Florida to prank and harass the rest of the Panthers – this led to Allen and Ballard getting pranked in return by finding all the furniture in their hotel room had been removed. Ballard has also untaped all of Bieksa’s sticks one day after Bieksa meticulously wrapped them. “He’s a little strange,” Bieksa said after Ballard’s failed hockey-bag prank. “He’s definitely the odd one out of the group, but he likes to have fun and he keeps guys on their toes and he’ll often make himself the butt of the joke to get a laugh for the boys.”

Now hurry back, Ballard. At the moment we need your defensive skills more than we need your pranks.

Until next time, Canucks fans, have a great week.

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