Ask Katie about the Canucks: Does size matter?

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Keith Ballard, Vancouver Canucks

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Happy Monday, Canucks fans.

There were some ups and downs this weekend in the world of the Canucks. The Bruins took down the Canucks on Saturday night. And then on Sunday the team delighted thousands of fans at Rogers Arena during the Superskills competition. Sunday’s antics couldn’t erase Saturday’s loss, however, and many fans are still talking about the Bruins’ size being a factor in their win.

Dave (@merlynbc) asks: Are the Canucks big enough and/or strong enough to withstand the bashing and crashing of a long playoff run?

Katie: After Saturday’s game against a much bigger Boston team, a lot of fans have been wondering the same thing. The Canucks aren’t as big as some of their past rosters have been, but this is Alain Vigneault’s vision of a Cup-winning team; it’s not about size and fighting, it’s about depth and winning. There was a lot of backlash when Getzlaf’s hit on Hamhuis wasn’t retaliated by any of the Canucks; just eight years ago that would never have been the case.

Personally I would like to see a bigger, tougher team because that’s how I like my hockey: rough and tumble, but this doesn’t mean the team doesn’t have what it takes to go deep into the playoffs. With the depth of the roster (and the help of Ballard’s delightful hipchecks) the team has just the right amount of (dare I say it) grit and talent to go deep.

Injuries, however, are a hindrance we can’t predict or avoid. Obviously they’re a different story altogether.

Matt (@m_maclean24) asks: How about your thoughts on the Canucks’ chances at the President’s Trophy, or whether or not that even means anything…

Katie: I think they have a pretty good shot at it; their best in years for sure. Some fans don’t think the Canucks should try that hard, suggesting that top place in the league, or even the Division, isn’t as much of a priority as having a healthy, rested team.

It would be awesome to get the President’s Trohpy for obvious reasons (like bragging rights) but I think Vancouver has its eyes on the bigger prize – the Stanley Cup. What’s a President’s Trophy if you can’t back up a top-notch season with a Cup?

Jason (@jasonwheelerBC) asks: Would trading the slumping Raymond upset the team chemistry too much heading into the playoffs?

Katie: I guess that would depend on who they’d bring in to replace him. From watching the Superskills on Sunday, Raymond is still a big favourite among his teammates and fans alike. If it didn’t upset the chemistry, it might upset the team. But then, there’s no crying in baseball. I mean hockey. From what Gillis said recently, I don’t think Raymond will be traded by the trade deadline, but I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

Michael (@mfoxrocks) asks: Keeping with the theme of the [Oscars], which Canuck would be most likely to win an award for theatrical talent?

Katie: Alex Edler, for this.

Hope you enjoyed today’s column. Have a good week, everyone!

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