The Grabner Trade Revisited

J.J. Guerrero

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2 Responses

  1. wstander says:

    Sorry- there is nothing that says it had to be Grabner or Raymond this year. Grabner is still on a rookie contract, so his cap space is less than Torres. It is not good to have two quality young wingers? By the way, Grabner has scored his 24 goals while playing 14 mlnutes a game on the third line of the second worst team in hockey: gettiing almost no power play time which accounts for the fact he has scored twice as many shorthanded goals as power play goals (1). He is secodn only to Stamkos in even strength goals.

  2. No one is disputing that Grabner is having a breakout season. The point is that he provided something the Canucks already had in spades (offense), and thus, could afford to give him up and exchange him for something they needed more of (defense). We’ll probably question this move if the Canucks’ offense suddenly dries up, but given their record, their numbers, and especially, the injuries they’ve had on defense, I still maintain it’s the right call.

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