Ask Katie about the Canucks: Will the Canucks ever be fully healthy again?

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With 6 games left in the regular season, some fans are getting nervous, and with good reason. Because the Canucks have done so well this year, the remaining in the season seems rather futile – really, they’ve clinched already, right? Every game they play fans wonder – and fear – who might get injured just in time for the playoffs.

It’s a fair question. There was a lot of apprehension going around Twitter on Sunday when the Canucks were set to take on the Blue Jackets. And turns out the gut instincts of Canucks fans was pretty on par as the team lost Hamhuis to a concussion.

Herve (@1stLineCenter) asks: What do you think is the cause of all the injuries (Hammer, Bally, Edler, Manny, Juice)? Are teams playing us harder?

Katie: I’m starting to think it’s a combination of teams playing us harder and some sort of hex placed on the team a couple years back. For the past few seasons, our blueline has been getting rocked with injuries, especially near the end of the season. Rather than having a man of glass (Salo), we seem to have a blueline made of it. Losing Hamhuis Sunday wasn’t pretty, considering that marks his fourth concussion (I believe), and we know what too many concussions can do (see Willie Mitchell). Now our forwards are in on this curse too.

Sometimes I feel like asking “will the Canucks ever be healthy again?” Not this season, but hopefully they have enough depth to hold in there regardless.

And of course teams are going to play the Canucks harder. They’re the best in the league, and when a team is taking a pounding from the Canucks, as sore losers they’re going to pick fights, hit hard, maybe take some cheap shots and try to take out some of Vancouver’s players. It’s not surprising, and it’s times like there where I’d rather have the Canucks sit out their last six games to keep the roster healthy. Hey, they’ve already clinched; why not?

Although, I guess we could use those last games to ensure Daniel wins the Art Ross.

Cam (@camvsmith) asks: What’s the deal with Grapenuts? There’s no grapes, there’s no nuts…???

Katie: I can’t make this stuff up, folks. I get two or three of these a week.

Jeff (@jrcaptain91) asks: Is Schneider in the Jennings talk? Can he win it?

Katie: Only if he gets to play 25 games. In order to win the William M. Jennings trophy, the team must have the least GA in the league (which the Canucks have right now), but the goalie must have played at least 25 games to be given the trophy. So if the Canucks’ goalies can keep up their stellar performances and end the season with the least GA, Luongo will win the Jennings for sure.

Unfortunately, Schneider has played in 22 games and there are only 6 games remaining in the season. Unless AV lets Ginger Bricks play another 3 games – basically every other game – it doesn’t look good for our Ginger Bricks.

Regardless, Schneider has had a fabulous year. After yesterday’s game, his season sits at 15-3-2. Pretty fantastic if you ask me, and it would be unfortunate for Schneider to walk away with no hardware, but I don’t think it’s going to happen this year.

Stephanie (@axeguitar) asks: They’re making a movie about Canucks Hockey Blog… Who plays you? JJ? @mozy19?

Katie: Me – Cobie Smulders (from How I Met Your Mother). Although according to Richard, I should be played by Kevin Bieksa…

And for that, Richard will be played by a hairy little white man – Danny Devito.

For J.J. let’s go with someone with a similar laugh with two feet of height on him – Vince Vaughn, but in a Canucks jersey instead of a Blackhawks one.

Anyway fans, have a great week!

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