The ancient secret of Canucks anagrams

I don’t hold with them new-fangled statistics like plus/minus or Corsi ratings. Why should numbers be privileged over letters? A player’s name is the best way of revealing his essence — short of cutting him open, of course.

Rearranging the letters of a few Canucks’ names can reveal truth you’ll never find in a spreadsheet. Meditate on these anagrams.

Daniel Sedin: Linden’s idea
“Good thinking, Trevor. So, to recap, I’ll send you to the Islanders for Brian McCabe, whom my succesor will trade to get the other Sedin twin.”

Henrik Sedin: Heed in rinks!
Outside the arena, you can safely ignore him.

Alex Burrows: Walrus Boxer
Before making it big with the ECHL Greenville Grrrowl, Burrows was a proud Walrus Boxer.

Mason Raymond: Damn, ya morons!
“I was wide open in the slot. Didn’t you hear me screaming?”

Mikael Samuelsson: A muskmelons aisle?
“Sorry, sir. We may have some in the back, but I doubt it. What country did you say you were from?”

Tanner Glass: Agent snarls
“I’ll see you in hell, Gillis.”

Dan Hamhuis: Ahah, nudism!
I know he looks innocent, but the anagram never lies.

Keith Ballard: I’ll bark death!
“Calm down, Keith. What I really need from you is a little bite.”

Sami Salo: Am I a loss?
“Kleenex? Well, not completely, no. Your injuries did help the cap situation this season. ”

Alexander Edler: Darn, Lee relaxed.
A jealous Edler was hoping Sweatt would collapse in terror during his first game.

Andrew Alberts: Bartender’s Law.
Free drinks on the house whenever Alberts scores.

Cory Schneider: She cried. Corny.
Desperate to fit in, the rookie goaltender mocks chick flicks.

Roberto Luongo: Retool our bong.
Clearly, he’s adapted very well to the West Coast.

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4 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    I gotta ask. Did you think of those yourself? If so, how long did it take?

  2. VancityAllie says:

    Hahahaha. Those are absolutely epic. Great post.

  1. March 3, 2011

    […] The ancient secret of Canucks anagrams | CANUCKS HOCKEY BLOGThe Preds need to get after “retool our bong” and not let “Walrus Boxer” get under their skin. […]

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