The Sedins’ race for the Art Ross and other weekend thoughts

Some weekend thoughts:

  • I’ve had a hard time putting into words what a pleasure it is to watch Hank and Danny night in night out this season. Usually, I just end up making squeaky noises that only dogs can hear. But I mean really they cycle the puck like two freakin identical wizards, and they’re sandwiching Stamkos at the top of the NHL standings. (Don’t you think Stamkos looks SO much like the main kid in The Sandlot? If you have not seen The Sandlot stop reading and go find it right now.) Hanky won it last year and Danny has a real shot to win it this year. I know brothers have both won the scoring race before but TWIN BROTHERS haven’t (potentially) in BACK TO BACK years. And on top of that they’re wonderful people to boot. If I were an NHL head honcho I would be marketing the crap out of these two which they would both probably hate. And if I were an NHL head honcho I would have to be a stuffy old white dude which is so not me. So I’ll let that dream die.
  • After thinking Rick Rypien was just going to sort of disappear into the sunset it was incredibly nice to see him being interviewed and ready to get back on the ice in Manitoba. With the fourth line trades Gillis made at the trade deadline he’ll be in tough to make the Canucks again but it’s just lovely to see that he’s feeling better after his personal leave and is happy and excited to play hockey again. I brought my Rypien jersey out of hibernation the other night and it felt gooood. I felt like knocking some heads together. You know, in a fun way. Not a brain killing kind of way. Rypien is sporting the most divine beard. I hope he keeps it. I wish playoff beard season was year round.
  • I had a lot of feelings after the Chara hit this past week that have been covered by other people a million times by now but I will say that it made me want to gather up my hockey playing family members and wrap them in pillows and bubble wrap. I’d never want them to stop living their dream but it’s a scary sport at times. The NHL can and should be at major fault for how they deal with discipline and dangerous hits but until the players themselves want to do something bold and brave and take a stand nothing is going to change.
  • Dangerous hits give you uncomfortable feelings over why you follow NHL hockey in the first place but then there are games like the Canucks/Sharks game on Thursday night to show you EXACTLY why you do. It was mesmerizing. My heart was beating so hard for the entire third period and overtime it felt like it was going to pop right out of my chest. Cory Schneider was a grade A stud. Still not quite sure he only got 3rd star for a 44 save effort many of them highlight reel variety as well as stopping all 3 Sharks shooters in the shootout. Schneids is going to make a team VERY happy when he is eventually traded. I hope they appreciate Ginger Jesus. It was a shame that game had to end in the ridiculous shootout. If any game deserved 20 minute OT…bring on the playoffs! I may not survive a Canucks/Sharks playoff series. The whole heart popping thing may be an issue.
  • Canucks fans looked they were having a blast watching the road games in LA, Anaheim, Phoenix, and San Jose. That’s definitely on my bucket list to follow the team on a road trip. The “sunshine” trip is definitely the way to go after a rainy Vancouver winter. I’ve been to Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa and the Bell Center in Montreal for the draft but I’ve never seen a game in a road arena. Where would you want to go to watch your team play?

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