Canucks Sign Swedish Defenseman Sebastian Erixon

According to the Swedish newspaper Dagblader, 21-year old defenseman Sebastian Erixon has signed a two-year contract with the Vancouver Canucks.

Jon Häggqvist, a Swedish journalist and Canucks fan who we profiled a few days ago, provides a translation of some of Erixon’s quotes.

On being signed by the Canucks:

It feels really good, I have always wanted this. It has been a dream to try and get a spot in the NHL. You can never be sure about anything, but you have to go with your stomach. My stomach says that I should go and then I have to follow it. I don’t wanna sit around in 20 years and regret that I didn’t take the chance.

On the possibility of being sent to the minors:

Then I’ll stay and play there. I will do what it takes to get a spot in the NHL.


I don’t care about the money I get the first couple of years. If I had done that I would have gone to Russia. I move to the NHL because it’s a dream and it’s the best league you can play in. That’s where I want to belong.

Erixon played for Timra in the Swedish Elite League this season. His Hockey Futures profile is here.

[Update: 04/21/2011, 5:00 AM]

Jon adds this about Erixon:

Erixon is a really good two-way defenseman, with a strong skating ability. He likes to move the puck and is smart. Coming into the SEL a couple of years ago he mostly focused on his defensive side, but this season his offensive skills has really come through. He played 44 games (he missed the last part of the season because of a foot injury) and got 20 points. He has been an outstanding D in a somewhat lousy Timrå. Erixon didn’t make it to Team Swedens WC roster, but during the season he has played nine games with the national team, scoring two goals and adding three assists.

It’s always hard to predict which players are gonna make it in the NHL, but I feel he has the potential.

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