Frame-by-Frame: Jannik Hansen’s Breakaway Goal

After every Canucks playoff game, we’ll break down one key play, frame-by-frame.

Frame 1 (11:16, 1st period)

Down a goal, Hawks press. Duncan Keith (left) receives a pass from Brian Campbell, after Ryan Kesler blocked Keith’s earlier shot. Samuelsson (right) and 3 teammates are deep in their own zone. But where’s the fifth Vancouver skater?

Frame 2 (11:16)

Keith swivels left to take the shot, unaware that Jannik Hansen has jumped off the bench and is making a beeline for him. Instead of using his body to protect the puck, Keith is unwittingly offering it right to Hansen.

Frame 3 (11:17)

Hansen pushes the puck off a suprised Keith’s stick and straight towards Mikael Samuelsson.

Frame 4 (11:18)

Samuelsson quickly throws the puck up the ice for Hansen to chase. Keith is caught gliding in the wrong direction. Only Hossa has a chance of catching Hansen, who has to do a 180 and turn on the afterburners.

Frame 5 (11:19)

Hossa and Hansen engage in a foot-race for the puck, which hurtles through the neutral zone. Instead of skating to catch them, Keith (bottom right) waves for Crawford to sprint out and reach the puck before Hansen.

Frame 6 (11:21)

Hansen catches up to the puck right here, at the top of the circles. Crawford probably would have beat him had he rushed out of his net right away, but he hesitates and decides to stay deep. Not only is Hossa right behind him, but Hansen has a broken stick to avoid tripping over.

Frame 7 (11:22)

Hansen finishes off his breakaway with a quick move and scores. Looks like the speedy Dane has shaken off his hands of stone.

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