Haggis and Canucks Hockey

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10 Responses

  1. Steve-uk says:

    Many thanks for that Katie!…Famous at last! Or is that Imfamous!….Many thanks!
    Go Canucks Go!!

  2. Formertoaster says:

    Very admirable, way to show your support! This has to be the ‘Nucks year, i can feel it

  3. No problem Steve! Thanks for taking the time to do the interview :) Enjoy the playoffs!

  4. Anders says:

    Canucks support everywhere. Even on the road we can be considered the home team sometimes haha. I enjoyed the read.

  5. Ramaiaoliveira says:

    Congratulations, Steve! Glad you’ve joined “the dream machine”!

    But pay attention, Canucks: could you imagine thta even in Portugal, known as a sunny coutry, there is a strong fan falange suporting our team??

    And we’ll be watching tnem next wednesday as we were at Rogers arena!!

    See you!


  6. Blaine Mills says:

    Way to go Steverino,

    Thats what the Canucks are all about, we soldier on, cheer on, never give up, and stick together no matter we we are in the World. I am a Canuck Fan living in South Africa, I used to live in Vancouver for 20 plus years and my affection for the Canucks goes back to my childhood there were I played hockey and went to Stan “Steamer” Smyl hockey school every year. What a highlight in my life. I am so glad to see you sharing your enthusiasm as only a Canuck Fan can, and I salute you and have one for me Buddy!
    As Steamer would say “Keep your Head Up”
    Blaine Mills
    Cape Town, South Africa
    KATIE if you are reading this how do I sign is a Loyal Canuck Fan far far away?

  7. Great post! There’s no distance for real love and support! =)
    I’m from Russia, another hockey country =)
    Go Canucks Go! You’re the best team ever!

  8. JOutlaw says:

    Hey Steve,
    I feel your pain with the 3am starts! I’m in Dublin, Ireland myself and although I’m a relatively new Hockey fan, I’ve been staying up late or watching all the games on replay over here. It’s amazing how often I’ll get stopped by people around town if I wear my Canucks jersey and they want to talk about the Sedin’s magic or Schneiders amazing contributions to the team.

    Come tonight, you had better believe that I’ll be awake and glued to my screen watching the game and have my towel ready to start waving around!

    We are all Canucks! and We are Everywhere!

    – J

  9. steve-uk says:

    Im sure I will hearing you cheering from Dublin!

  10. steve-uk says:

    We, Canuck fans are everywhere!!

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