My Case for Alain Vigneault to Win the Jack Adams

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2 Responses

  1. steve-uk says:

    AV has to be a front runner for the Jack Adams award. His record this season has second to none. He has managed a team that now believe they can go all the way. Yes, we can all see the success the team have achieved on the ice with good coaching but you also see what AV has instilled in the players minds. A motivation to win and self belief in all circumstances. As much as we had a go at AV for the continual line changes, it certainly works for this team. Thats why Im typing this and not coaching!

    Im so glad Gillis didnt gas him a couple of years ago when we had that very bad bout of losses. I have to say I wasnt 1 of the doubters.

    You are always going to get doubters and critics when a team has done so well as the Nucks have this season. Its a backhanded form of compliment. They cant criytise what they have done so they pick holes in other ways. So we have used 14 blueliners this season. Just shows how good his player management is, thinking ahead. On ice play is down to a team but the leader of that team is ultimatley AV. Its a team he leads with confidence, belief amd great man mangement and motivation

  1. April 6, 2011

    […] case for Vigneault was made by Richard Loat of Canucks Hockey Blog, including: Significant kudos need to be given to his in-season coaching to get the Canucks to the point they […]

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