Apr 222011

For the past few seasons, I’ve rocked a playoff beard to show my die-hard support of the Vancouver Canucks (and so have many others – take a look at our Playoff Beard Challenge). So after seeing a post from Derek Jory on canucks.com about the NHLPA Beard-a-thon, I figured that not only should I be rocking the facial hair for my team, but the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada as well:

NHLPA Beard-a-thon donations will go towards the placement of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in hockey rinks, schools and community centres in provinces across Canada. Heart and Stroke Foundation’s goal is to make Canada the most cardiac safe country in the world.

So how can you help this great cause out?

The first way would be to sign-up yourself, sport a beard, and solicit donations.

The second (and I’d like to think easier way), is to support someone such as myself who happens to already be setup to rock the beard and raise the cash. If you want to help out, head to my profile here and pledge anything you can!

And because I’m the competitive type, I’ve decided to take on Derek Jory to see who can raise the most money for this deserving cause.

Spread the word!

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