Round 1 Game 3 Frame-by-Frame: Daniel Sedin’s Goal

After every Canucks playoff game, we’ll break down one key play, frame-by-frame.

(Editor’s note: Sorry folks. I know we’re a bit behind here.)

The Situation

After being under siege for the first half of the game, Vancouver strikes 7 seconds into its first powerplay on a Christian Ehrhoff marker. Immediately after, Chris Higgins hits the post, the puck comes out of Chicago’s zone, and Edler carries it back in as the Sedins come over the boards.

Frame 1 (10:51)

In the middle of a line change, Edler takes Bieksa’s cross-ice pass on his backhand.

Frame 2 (10:52)

Edler goes down the wing as rookie defenceman Nick Leddy (who turned 20 a couple weeks ago) approaches. Expecting Edler to pass laterally, Leddy blocks the blue line with his stick.

Frame 3 (10:53)

Because Leddy approaches at a bad angle, Edler easily gains outside position in him. Leddy’s out of the play by now.

Frame 4 (10:54)

Suddenly a low-percentage 2-on-3 has turned into a good scoring chance for Edler. The Swede pulls his stick back, eyeing Crawford for the wrist shot.

Frame 5 (10:55)

Crawford comes out to challenge. Leddy, Keith and Frolik are all focused on Edler. No one’s picked up Daniel Sedin sneaking into the slot.

Frame 6 (10:55)

One person’s noticed Sedin: Edler. In one smooth motion he swings the puck over to Sedin. Expecting a shot, Crawford goes down.

Frame 7 (10:56)

Daniel fans on the pass. Luckily for him, Keith also fans on the clearing attempt, as the puck narrowly misses the heel of his stick.

Frame 8 (10:56)

Crawford is completely out of the play, having gone down early and now tangled up with Leddy. Daniel connects on his second whack, and out of nowhere Vancouver is up 2-1.

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