Round 1 Game 7 Frame-by-Frame: Alex Burrows Overtime Winner

The Situation

Jonathan Toews stuns the crowd with a shorthanded marker at 18:04 of the third period to tie the game and force sudden-death overtime. It’s five minutes into overtime, and there’s no margin for error.

Frame 1

Chicago gets the puck out of their zone, but Hamhuis dumps it back in, just as he gets nailed against the boards by Toews. It’s a delayed offside. Raymond must clear the zone before Vancouver touches the puck.

Frame 2

Chris Campoli gathers the puck along the boards, as Burrows straddles the line, watching the linesman for the moment Raymond crosses the blue line and it’s safe to chase the puck. Toews has taken himself out of the play with the sheer momentum of his hit on Hamhuis.

Frame 3

Campoli can’t play the puck up the boards because Toews is blocking the lane. He can’t play it off the glass because he’s left-handed and too close to the boards. He decides to go vertical, and flips the puck over Burrows. It’s a choice he’ll be thinking about all summer. Burrows knocks the puck down with his glove.

Frame 4

Ryan Johnson (17) is seconds away from being the only player to lose the Chicago-Vancouver series three years in a row. Assuming that Campoli’s move worked, he’s already headed up ice, leaving no obstacles in Burrows’ path to the net.

Frame 5

Burrows charges towards the net. Toews and Johnson take a few moments before realizing where the puck is. Campoli makes a heroic effort to correct his horrific mistake.

Frame 6

Perhaps because his move didn’t work in overtime, Burrows just wires the shot, a rolling puck in the high slot. Campoli lunges across, a split second too late to tip the puck.

Frame 7

The shot handcuffs Crawford, who barely had time to get himself set. Burrows’ knuckler sails over his right shoulder.

Frame 8

A hundred thousand Blackhawks fans groan in dismay, while the city of Vancouver roars in jubilation. Enjoy it – you’ll remember this moment for the rest of your life.

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