Round 2 Game 1 Frame-by-Frame: Chris Higgins’ Goal

The Situation

It’s halfway through the second period, and Vancouver is dominating. They’ve blasted shot after shot at Pekka Rinne, but the Vezina finalist’s glove is a black hole. Nothing is getting past him. Kevin Bieksa moves the puck through the neutral zone to try again.

Frame 1

Both teams are changing as Vancouver moves up ice. But Nashville’s bench is further away from their goal, giving Vancouver a brief advantage as Higgins joins the rest of the third line.

Frame 2

Mike Fisher stands up to Bieksa at the blue line. Instead of making a move and risking an offside, Bieksa simply flips the puck through Fisher’s feet to Lapierre.

Frame 3

Lapierre leaves the puck for Bieksa and continues down the boards past Kevin Klein. Fisher’s aggressive check has left him out of the play.

Frame 4

Bieksa has several tempting options: pass to Hansen in the high slot, Higgins coming in from the right point, or take it to the net himself. Instead, he dishes it back to Lapierre.

Frame 5

Now both Klein and Fisher are behind the play, and it’s a three-on-one. Jonathan Blum is in good position covering the slot as Lapierre cuts towards the net.

Frame 6

Klein and Fisher race to catch up as Lapierre finds himself in good shooting position. Rinne, of course, has to cover Lapierre and leave the others to his teammates. Hansen has gotten behind Blum and might be able to tap it in from the top of the crease.

Frame 7

Lapierre drops it back to the trailer, Higgins. Fisher has made a second mistake: heading straight to the net instead of to the open forward.

Frame 8

Higgins wrist a beauty over Rinne, who nearly robs him as he stacks the pads. But not this time. The puck’s in and out of the net so fast the refs need a video review to believe this is a goal.

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