Canucks Round 3 Playoff Schedule

Vancouver Canucks advance to the Western Conference Finals

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The NHL has announced its schedule for the 3rd Round of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. Regardless of whether the Canucks face the San Jose Sharks or Detroit Red Wings, the Western Conference Finals series will start on Sunday, May 15th.

Game 1 (at Rogers Arena): Sunday, May 15th at 5 PM
Game 2 (at Rogers Arena): Wednesday, May 18th at 6 PM
Game 3 (Away): Friday, May 20th at 6 PM (vs. Sharks) or 5 PM (vs. Wings)
Game 4 (Away): Sunday, May 22nd at 12 noon
Game 5* (at Rogers Arena): Tuesday, May 24th at 6 PM
Game 6* (Away): Thursday, May 26th at 6 PM (vs. Sharks) or 5 PM (vs. Wings)
Game 7* (at Rogers Arena): Saturday, May 28th at 5 PM

* – if required

All games on CBC (TV) and Team 1040 (radio). In the US, all games are on Versus, except for game 4 which will be on NBC. (Hey, the Canucks will finally be on NBC!)

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  1. Earl says:

    You have a print error. The 7th Game should read Saturday May 28th ( not 26th)

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