Round 3 Game 1 Frame-by-Frame: Henrik Sedin’s Goal

The Situation

Kevin Bieksa has finally scored to tie the game at 2-2 at 7:02 of the third period. The ice has tilted in Vancouver’s favour. 30 seconds later, Dany Heatley elbows Raffi Torres and gets sent to the box. Vancouver’s powerplay unit, frustrated all night, begins cycling the puck.

Frame 1

Let’s begin with a familiar sight for Canucks fans: the Sedins working the puck back and forth behind the net.

Frame 2

Daniel plays the puck into the corner for Ryan Kesler, as Marc-Edouard Vlasic comes in to pressure him.

Frame 3

Notice how quickly San Jose’s four men get back into their box formation. Vlasic is right on Kesler as he takes it up the boards. Because Kesler’s a right-handed shot, he’s able to shield the puck with his body.

Frame 4

Christian Ehrhoff is open at the point, and Kesler makes a quick cross-ice pass just as Patrick Marleau comes down to challenge him.

Frame 5

San Jose is aggressive. Joe Thornton is right on Ehrhoff, who quickly spots Henrik down low. Antti Niemi’s challenging the shot aggressively, leaving lots of net for Henrik to shoot at.

Frame 6

But Henrik’s in too deep. By the time the pass reaches him, Niemi’s slidden over, leaving nothing to shoot at.

Frame 7

Daniel’s tied up, so Henrik simply walks around Niemi.

Frame 8

Henrik backhands the puck into the unguarded net, and within 1:19, Vancouver goes from trailing 2-1 to being up 3-2.

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