Round 3 Game 4 Frame-by-Frame: Alex Burrows’ goal

The Situation

It’s the third period, and Vancouver’s up 3-0 on the three straight 5-on-3 goals in the second period. So why are we spending time on this goal if the game was already wrapped up? Because it’s a thing of beauty.

Frame 1

Henrik Sedin wins the faceoff, and Dan Hamhuis takes the puck behind the net. Henrik and Alex Burrows charge up ice.

Frame 2

Meanwhile, Daniel Sedin has moved to the left boards to receive the pass from Hamhuis.

Frame 3

It’s a set play. Daniel takes the pass, turns around, and throws it up ice for his brother.

Frame 4

Dan Boyle is the lone man back as Henrik and Burrows go in 2-on-1. They’ve got all the time in world; Joe Pavelski has no hope of catching them.

Frame 5

Why is Antti Niemi facing Sedin instead of Burrows? This is Henrik. He’ll pass even if he has a wide-open net, and he’s looking pass all the way.

Frame 6

Boyle goes down to block the pass, freeing Niemi to challenge the shooter.

Frame 7

Henrik slides Burrows a backhand pass through Niemi’s five-hole. Read that sentence again. Yes. A pass through Niemi’s five-hole.

Frame 8

All Burrows has to do is tap it in. How many of those has he had playing with the twins?

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