History Has Already Been Made

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  1. David Bailie says:

    As enormous as a Stanley Cup win would be, it’s my feeling that it almost runs a second to this year’s achievements. Here’s why I think that.

    There would be no shame at all in going down to any team in the Cup finals. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. They can come back and do it again next year.

    For me, the highpoint was and still is the Game 7 win against Chicago. If the Canucks had lost to the Hawks again it would have been 3 years straight and for every extra year, it gets harder and harder to break that cycle.

    But that is gone now. Now and forever I think.

    So if we were to lose in the finals, yes, it will hurt but we can do it again next year, but now we’ve beaten the Hawks, there are no barriers for next year.

    That said, Go Canucks Go, if we play the game we played in games 1, 2 and 5 of the finals, there is no one that we can’t beat.

  2. J_r48 says:

    What a great read! At times I wanted to stand and clap!!! We are proud of our boys and for me, I will always remember! Let’s bring it home boys!

  3. Andre LePuck says:

    I’m totally with you…Throughout the NHL playoffs, I have learned something… we are all apart of the team we cheer for. Who cares what nationality the players are… if you cheer for the Canucks then you are a Canuck. The fans make a difference and it’s evident that home ice is one of the biggest factors. Vancouver Canuck fans are learning that they make a difference. Their confidence makes a difference. The energy transfers onto the players.I have been interviewing the fans of Vancouver and what I discovered is that every time something like this happens, fans are born… real fans. The more fans that are born, the more energy potential for the city and the team. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything if we win or lose… the true fans will remain fans.There are some complications… There are a lot of fans on the radio and tv that are negative… and I’m talking about the sportscasters, callers on the air, analysts. These people do not represent the millions of fans, but they can bring them down. They have their own agenda to be controversial so they can make money… or they are just negative fans who like to complain. These people are 1% of the real fans… but the more real fans we make, the less influence these people will make.I was talking to many people yesterday before game 6 about how they got into hockey. Most of them said it was because of 1994… when we lost. It won’t matter if the Canucks win or lose tomorrow… millions of fans have been born because of the 2011 Canucks.To see my interviews, check out http://www.myhockeyshow.com

  4. Absolutely, beautifully written!!! I WAS there the other 2 times we went to the finals, and shed a lot of tears, along with the players and other fans. This year we were all positive we’d win – then came all the injuries, and the final team with the extra players in black and white – most unexpected. Tomorrow I just hope the outcome won’t be decided that way, and I remain, after all these years, a loyal Canucks fan.

  5. Wj_barton says:

    I loved this you put into words what I have been trying to say for the past couple days! :)

    This is what i posted to my fb wall earlier today:

    As a hockey fan as a fan of the Vancouver Canucks
    We have been very fortunate this year to watch our team
    Succeed & accomplish the Northwest Conference,
    Western Conference, Presidents Trophy, Art Ross,
    W.Jennings Trophy, and to have made it to the finals!
    We have nothing to be sad about though watching them lose
    Will suck! Keep the faith! Go Canucks go we want to add one more to the
    List of great accomplishments this year!! BRING IT HOME!!

  6. Moni says:

    I’ve been saying this for awhile now…it doesn’t really mean if we win or not although it would be nice to shut everyone else up…but for me they are winners already.#1 in NHL this season!…That speaks for itself…everyone else can say things about the guys that are mean spirited and outrages but we know who they are.They are a group of guys who against all odds made it to the finals…and every other team and NHL should be afraid of them.They may not be the hitters and bullies but they have real talent.Go Canucks Go!

  7. els1831 says:

    Refreshing read!  Thank you.  Couldn’t agree more.  
    You know what to do, boys, leave it all on the ice.

  8. Diane says:

    This is the first positive piece of written material I have seen in a long time. Not anit-Boston just pro-Canucks. Go Canucks Go….Go Boys Go. Yes you Can.

  9. Sue says:

    I am fortunate enough to say this is my third go around for the Stanley Cup finals.  Although much like you – I can’t recall alot about the ’82 run as I was in Highschool, and let’s be honest does anyone from the ’80’s recall highschool??
    In ’94 though I do recall that series, I remember where I was in my life and who was with me.  My daughter being the most important one in attendance.  She was a couple months shy of 4 years old.  She learned at that ripe old age that the Canucks, and Hockey were second to Faith.  That you support your home team Win, Lose or Draw.  My daughter is now a couple months shy of 21.  She has been an undaunted faithful supporter of our beloved Canucks since ’94.  A Stanley Cup series brought on her love and passion for this game and another Stanley Cup run has more than solidified it!  When the boys beat Chicago in game 7 she wept, like I have never seen her cry before.  Not for the win, but for the accomplishment.  For the breaking of a nemisis.  She is a tried and true Canucker as am I.  It is most amazing the lifes lessons learned in such minute moments when compared to the span of a lifetime.  But lessons they are.  She will cry again tonight. This I know because it’s what she’s lived for, for the past two months.  They will be tears of celebration no matter what the outcome!!  Go Canucks Go!!  Love You Boys!! 

  10. Glgust says:

    The Canucks are a humiliating embarrassment to Vancouver.  They should be relocated to Seattle.

  1. June 15, 2011

    […] couple of days ago, Ed posted some nice sentiments about this Cup Run, and he’s right in that, win or lose, the 2010/2011 season has given us some great memories […]

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