On Dave Bolland and Ryan Whitney

No, this isn’t another post on whether or not the Canucks are Canada’s team. I think everyone agrees that subject has been beaten to death already.

But is anyone else getting a kick reading what some NHL players – yes, NHL players, not fans – are saying about the Canucks?

Yesterday, Dave Bolland bashed Alex Burrows:

“Typical, pulling hair and biting people. Sort of like a little girl,” said Bolland.

It must suck to get knocked out of the playoffs by a bunch of little girls.

The other day, Ryan Whitney dissed the entire team:

“I’d say 90 percent of the guys in the league want nothing to do with seeing them win,” Whitney said a few hours before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. “There’s no doubting their team’s pretty amazing. But who makes up that team makes them so tough to like that it’s frustrating to see them doing this well.”

Obviously, Whitney’s not one of the players who chose the Canucks as the second-most favorite team players want to play on. Or perhaps he’s bitter that, in the same poll, his team was selected the second-least team players would like to play on.

It’s not that this sort of hatred is new. But where players, in the past, would perhaps be more cautious in what they say in the media – I mean, you could be dissing a future teammate, right? – these are two examples who don’t seem to mind speaking their minds. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind that. I do find it mildly entertaining to hear them spout off out of spite and bitterness.

J.J. Guerrero

Founder and Executive Editor of Canucks Hockey Blog. Proud Canadian, hardcore Canucks fan. I would like nothing more than watching the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. Against the Leafs.

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38 Responses

  1. Darren Flynn says:

    Obviously, Whitney’s in the group of 89% that did not choose the canucks as the most favorite team to play on.

  2. Darren Flynn says:

    Obviously, Whitney’s in the group of 89% that did not choose the canucks as the most favorite team to play on.

  3. Darren Flynn says:

    Obviously, Whitney’s in the group of 89% that did not choose the canucks as the most favorite team to play on.

  4. Whitefordkyle says:

    Obviously any Canuck fan or player would say it’s bitterness or jealousy but the players feel this way for a reason.  Anyone that has played the game (not just a writer, blogger) knows guys like Burrows, Lapierre and Torres are as gutless as they come.  You can never cheer for guys like them, they’ll cheap shot you when they know they can, they’ll chirp you non-stop and worst of all, celebrate in your face and make it personal when they win.  I’ve played against a lot of french hockey players that act like this. No class at all, those guys are gutless pukes.  Whitney’s right, nobody wants to see them win.  Not to mention watching your captain fall down like he was shot in game 1 was an embarassment to all the great captains that have lifted the stanley cup.  Guys don’t act like that, it’s a form of cheating and the sickening part is the referees are buying into it more often then not. The reffing in game 1 was a disgrace.  

    Long story short, hockey people know that Vancouver’s team is made up of gutless, classless pukes that you can’t bring yourself to cheer for.  I hate that they are likely going to win the cup, the thought of mx lapierre even touching it makes me want to….(you guessed it)….puke!

  5. Nucklepuck says:

    Anyone ever heard the expression nice guys finish last? These Canucks are warriors.  They’re not out there to make friends with the opposition. They’re out there to battle hard every night and do whatever it takes to win.  Obviously everyone hates to play against guys like Kesler, Burrows and Bieksa but there aren’t many (any?) teams in the league that wouldn’t love to have them in their line-up.  Look at the Hawks team that won last year.  I absolutely despised Burrish, Butfuklin, Eager, Kane, etc. They seemed like overconfident, immature, pompous pricks but at the end of the day I had to tip my hat to them because they got the job done.  Everyone hates you when you’re on top.  3 more wins!

  6. B-Hawks, the One Hit Wonder says:

    What a surprise… A guy from Edmonchuk and Chicago ragging on the Canucks. It’s no bloody secret both those teams hate the Canucks – it’s hardly worth printing. By the way, the B-Hawks last year had a bunch of tools that I’d love to go toe-to-toe with even if I’d get my ass kicked… I don’t think Burrows has anything on Kane, nor Bieksa on Big-Buff, nor Kesler on anyone in the jerk-ass department

  7. Me says:

    Pretty certain Bur and Eager weren’t in top lines and didn’t even play every single game. The issue is the dbags on the Canucks are in the top lines. 

  8. Blink182_whiteford says:

    As a Canucks fan my whole life, I am absolutely ashamed of the 2011 team, they are not only making vancouver look bad but they are making the whole NHL look bad as well, I am sorry to any bruins fans that our team has become so ratty and whiny.

  9. LS says:

    the point is other teams dont do anything to win…they do everything legal to win. the canucks are whiney cheapshot artists. that is why other teams dont like them

  10. LS says:

    and bieksa is #1 of the cheapshot artists…only cheap shots smaller players…a real wussss. but sooner or later he’ll get his.

  11. LS says:

    good team but truly whiny

  12. LS says:

    who did kane cheap shot?? or buflygan????te only thing buff did was bother Luongone. did that anoy you?????

  13. LS says:

    canucks better enjoy this year because the Hawks will be back  better, stronger and faster next year. We almost beat the canucks this year with 50% of our team gone. Go Bruins.

  14. Kyle Berndt says:

    Nothing but pure jealousy.

    These people who complain about the Canucks and venerate Messier and last years Chicago team make me sick. Too blind to see their own hypocrisy.

  15. Yahoo123 says:

    Obviously Kane would never cheap shot anyone. He’s too busy shaving his chest for pictures with ugly chicks in limousines or beating cab drivers who he just shorted…

  16. Littlemanfromalberta says:

    Your an Idiot!!!!
    You just start watching hockey this year .

  17. Cynler says:

    oooooooooo  burn………..   both losers who cares

  18. Cynler says:

    Is LS that lone Chicago fan in the syands punching the air?

  19. bhawks4life says:

    those chicks are from vancouver that just shows how ugly your people are

  20. canucks gag on hawks nuts says:

    nice name faggot talk to me when you do win won and dont be upset that we whopped your ass 2 out of the last 3 years and barely won this series against the hawks what a joke.  If your calling our players tools then what the hell is your team let me see…. Bieksa- the biggest cheap shot artist in the game of hockey and jumps stalberg from behind for getting rocked into the boards. Talks a big game but doesn’t back it up with his fists. Burrows- Last year his ass speared people in the nuts and wouldnt throw down with anyone when challenged and tryed to start scrums god hes garbage without the sedin sisters. The Sedins- By far the biggest floppers in the game if brian campbell is knocking on your ass with shoves you deserve a penalty for that just saying and that happened twice in the first round and both times got calls. Torres- Enough said he is a Ben Eager but dirtier, he will take runs at your head, he hits you from behind lots of boarding and is overrated as hell. Vancouver is like the Miami Heat they whine about everything, they cry like babies, and get every damn call their way. Stay classy Vancouver dont gag on the bruins nuts

  21. Sco5957003 says:

    he never said he wants to play there learn how to read dumbass and neither does seabrook. Chicago is where its at and where it will be.  Keep talking puss talk to me when you when one until then STFU you ugly bitch

  22. Sco5957003 says:

    your just lucky bolland didnt play all series enough said im over it. I hope you choke, something we never did or came close to last season unlike you guys who would of been standing on your ledges of your 5th floor apartments ready to hang yourselves or jump out of your apartments if sharpie would of lifted it an inch higher but oh well not worried we will be a lot better next year and be spanking that vancouver ass which is what we are used to

  23. Djstewie says:

    LS you are a ********.  Didn’t you hear, Toews wants to play for his hometown Winnipeg after his contract is out in 3 years, and I think Seabrook wants to play for his hometown Canucks as well.  But don’t worry, you will still have the second best Kane in the NHL playing for your team and chewing on his mouthguard thinking of you

  24. Llkojhrf says:

    only sore losers whine this much. If you hate the canucks so much, stop watching hockey and start watching golf….thats where your team is now. Get over it…we did!

    PS: Take the stick out from your rear end. You may feel happy again.

  25. Xislander says:

    I’m pretty sure they’d be ashamed of you…if they knew you existed…

  26. Xislander says:

    Read your own words… even you think the Hawks stink!

  27. Xislander says:

    “canucks are whiney cheapshot artists.”…”and bieksa is #1 of the cheapshot artists…only cheap shots smaller players…a real wussss. but sooner or later he’ll get his.”…”The issue is the dbags on the Canucks are in the top lines.”…”those chicks are from vancouver that just shows how ugly your people are”… “Chicago is where its at and where it will be.  Keep talking puss talk to me when you when one until then STFU you ugly bitch”…
    So you people represent Chicago…WOW!

  28. jordan says:

    i agree with both players. Burrows is like a little girl and it is frustrating to see them doing this well

  29. Ed Lau says:

    I’ll take Bolland’s criticism because he played against us in this year’s playoffs and he played one hell of a series.  Fine.

    However, Edmonton is irrelevant and I don’t know what Ryan Whitney is talking to people about.  I don’t know what kind of news agency contacts players that have been playing golf for months now after their team was knocked out of the playoffs in November.

    All I see here is examples of “Haters gonna hate”.

  30. Rimsky says:

    Would recommend you learn to read, or at least learn reading comprehension, Xislander.  Better, stronger and faster doesn’t mean they stink.  

  31. Rimsky says:

    What channel should I watch for golf or which tourney should I fly to watch?

    Because, you know, as a Canucks fan, you must’ve been following golf every year since 1967 except 1994 and this year!  

  32. Kevincon says:

    The Canucks have three of the biggest clowns in the game…Lappierre, Burrows and Torres. That explains alot. When you acted like a clown and never drop the gloves it shows no guts

  33. Craig says:

    Agreed. I could cheer for the 94 team even though I’m not a Canucks fan. Not this team.

  34. Kyle, you're stupid says:

     …and your post exhibits pure idiocy. 

    Last year’s Hawks team had its chippy moments, but cheap shots were not a huge part of their game.  I can sum up the Canucks for you rather succinctly (Kesler is exempt from this): no heart, cheap shots, crying about the refs, fear/lack of accountability, pulling hair, biting, etc.  The hockey gods have spoken, and they do not condone this type of behavior.  Winners win, and losers lose.

    Too blind to your own bias.

  35. One is better than none says:

    Typical Canucks fan:  “Yeah, we are a bunch of d-bags, but you guys are worse” (when the “worse” part is nowhere near true).

    Face the facts already, man.  Nobody on your team has any heart, except for Kesler.  Everyone else on that team is a bitch who is more than willing to take a cheap shot, won’t answer for it, then complain that the refs are screwing HIM.

    Facts are facts.  The Canucks are a bunch of bitches.  Justice has been done; thank you Boston.

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