Rome’s Hit, Horton’s Out

J.J. Guerrero

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3 Responses

  1. Rd90 says:

    Obviously a late hit, Rome wanted to make a big hit in the game, to set the tone. He did have enough time to change his mind, he didn’t. As for a head shot you come in like that you know there is a possibility your going to hit the head. He will be suspended , ow many games who knows my guess 2. This also comes at the heels of Burrows biting incident, that the NHL probably in hindsight should have suspended Burrows.

  2. Jraphael25 says:

    You know what?…who cares! blah blah blah! Romes hit is just like every other hit in the NHL Violence is what the NHL like, so I personally don’t care they can kill each other. 

  3. Romesucks says:

    Rome, sos un hijo de puta!

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