Round 4 Game 5: Lapierre’s Goal

The Situation
We’re four minutes into the third period, and no one has scored yet. It’s yet another goaltending battle, as Thomas and Luongo have both shut the door so far. Both teams have had stymied on glorious scoring opportunities.

Frame 1

Torres plays the puck up to Lapierre, who chips it past a pinching Seidenberg at the point.

Frame 2

Chara is the lone man back as Lucic and Seidenberg sprint back to prevent the 2-on-1. Somehow Malhotra is on the ice instead of Hansen for this shift.

Frame 3

Now it’s only a 3-on-2, but the three Bruins are bunched up in the middle. Instead of taking the trailer, Lucic goes down to block the expected pass to Malhotra. Instead, Lapierre throws it back to Torres coming in late.

Frame 4

Lapierre heads to the side of the net, unguarded, as Torres throws the puck right back at him.

Frame 5

But Thomas easily slides over to block Lapierre’s one-timer. Inexplicably, a member of the crowd is facing in the wrong direction.

Frame 6

Undaunted, Lapierre collects the puck behind the net and presses on. He shakes off Chara’s check and relays the puck to Torres in the corner.

Frame 7

Torres passes up to Bieksa at the point, who has all kinds of time to walk in and make a play.

Frame 8

Bieksa deliberately fires the puck wide of Thomas, bouncing it off the boards behind the net right to Lapierre.

Frame 9

The ever-aggressive Thomas is suddenly way out of position, and no Bruin has picked up the unguarded Lapierre. The net’s wide open, but he has to shoot from a very sharp angle. Can he make it?

Frame 10

He does! Thomas and Seidenberg lunge desperately, but the puck squeezes across the line. Lapierre — and the rest of Vancouver — explode in celebration.

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