Sedins Fire Back at Mad Mike Milbury

The other night, Mike Milbury referred to Henrik and Daniel Sedin as “Thelma and Louise”. After last night’s game 5 win, the Sedins fired back.

Courtesy of Chris Stevenson (Toronto Sun).

First, from Henrik:

That wasn’t too much fun. My son told me a man was making fun of me and Uncle Danny on TV. I said that can’t be true because that’s what usually happens in kindergarten. That’s what happened. Sometimes grown-ups have low self-esteem and get on guys and say stupid stuff.

I think he has to be happy with his career. He did a great job on Long Island. I’m sure he is happy with that.

Also, from Daniel:

Usually, the guys who sit in those situations, they’re called experts. They’re there for a reason, I think. We don’t really worry about those kind of comments. He made a bad comment about us, calling us women. I don’t know how he looks at women. I would be pretty mad if I was a woman.

No word if Milbury, in response, chased after the Sedins with a shoe.

J.J. Guerrero

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6 Responses

  1. Kurt Klatt says:

    Obviously Mike Milbury needs a beating with his own shoe. Vermin. 

  2. Steve-uk says:

    They are obviously worried by the Canucks. They would not resort to such low, personal attacks on players otherwise.
    They should be worried too, the way we played game 5 was immense. To play against the Bruins and the officials at the same time, and still win shows what we are made of. The officails have a lot to answer for during this final. The slashes that the Bruins are making off the puck are getting out of hand.

    Love that quote from Dank..Classy but getting a good old dig into Milbury.

  3. Bwicz says:

    You have to consider the source.  Mike Milbury, as a GM, was the hockey version of Matt Millen when he was GM of the NFL Detroit Lions.  The Lions are just starting to recover from years of bad trades & draft picks.  Milbury’s Islanders, well, have still not recovered, and may never.  The damage from this “expert” hockey analyst was just to great to overcome.  Milbury uses shock value to get attention and to cover his lack of hockey knowledge.  He is a no talent, and it’s a shame that he is allowed to express himself publicly.  But in the fight for TV ratings, guys like him always seem to find work.  Pity.

  4. Cass says:

    “I would be pretty mad if I was a woman.”  bwaa haa haaa!  Oh, Uncle Danny, I love it.  Also, I *am* mad, Milbury.

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