Season Preview: Ranking the Western Conference Bluelines

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  • Coach Duncan

    For Edler to take the next step in his development, he needs to get working on his footwork.  I can’t count how many times he’s had the raw power and natural ability to get around and in front of a player to battle for the puck, but can’t make it because his feet are in the wrong places and he can’t move his weight mediolaterally to allow the freedom of movement he needs.  Alex, if you read this, I can help, and it should be less than 10 hours’ work.

  • Coreywebb5

    This is the worst article I’ve read since the angels won the pennant… Try watching the NHL before you write about it you dumbass kuckleballer

  • Dangalang

    This is terrible article by a self proclaimed know-it-all. Canuckshockeyblog just lost credibility with you as its “writer”.

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