Canucks Review and Preview: October 24 to October 30, 2011

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  • Joseph

    Good comments, all. Especially agree with the 4th line being really solid. Can’t wait to see them develop some more chemistry and really get things going for the Canucks. Never seen so many minutes for the 4th line! AV really trusts them.

    personally I liked the Hamhuis-Edler pairing! But Ballard Bieksa is too risky! Maybe for those games where it’s not as costly if the D get exposed (like against D centred teams like Nashville, etc.) Ballard/Bieksa would work.

  • Caylie

    Thanks, Joseph.
    You’re right, the pairing of Bieksa-Ballard could be a good combination in certain games. I definitely think that it’s important for the defensemen to be willing to jump up offensively. Maybe the KB squared duo just need to communicate a little better with one another, which will come with time. 

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