Cobie Smulders Dresses as a Canuck, Meets the Slutty Pumpkin

With the Canucks looking out of synch and not-so-great to start the season, perhaps it’s no surprise that some are dressing up as Canucks players for Halloween.

In the upcoming Halloween episode of How I Met Your Mother, big Canucks fan Cobie Smulders (aka Robin Scherbatzky) is shown dressed as a Canuck. Hmmm… too soon?

Cobie Smulders and Katie Holmes on How I Met Your Mother

Photo credit: TV Line

(For die-hard HIMYM fans, yes, that’s Katie Holmes on the right. After 6 years, this is the episode in which we finally meet the Slutty Pumpkin.)

Of course, this isn’t the first time the show has included Canucks references. In previous episodes, Robin has name-dropped Mason Raymond, sworn at Darcy Hordichuk, and spoke fondly of the Canucks’ 2007 playoff run.

J.J. Guerrero

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