Just The Facts About Luongo

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  1. Joshua says:

    Well said. I have to say though that in regards to the critique that Lou can’t win the BIG games that that still remains mostly true. Fans criticize Lou because the BIG games were games six and seven where a win there means we lift the cup. And until we do win the cup with Lou on board he’s never going to get respect for just getting us close and then falling apart. But I hope we don’t trade Lou. We’ll never get anything worthwhile in return and hey, Timmy won the Conn at 37. Lou’s only 32. There’s still time.

  2. Aleksandra says:

    The main fact about Luongo is that – He is AWESOME! Lets appreciate our AWESOME goalie because he is AWESOME. 

  3. Some wise words… I hope people pay attention. Unfortunately, I doubt that they will, but we can always hope. :)

  4. Dapuddle says:

    My take on Luongo. 

    He is a top 5 goalie in the NHL. He is not overpaid. 

    We would be better off without him. Yes, you read that right.

    Here’s why;
    1. Schneider is good enough. Only one top end goalie has won the cup since the lockout, that happened last year. Something had to give, two top end goalies were in the final. Schneider is arguably the best backup in the league and would be a starter on most teams.

    2. Without Luongo’s salary cap hit, we could bring in A) a big mean defencemen. (Think Chara or Pronger type) 
    3. #2 above does two things, first it covers 30 minutes of back end ice time per game and two, marchand isn’t speedbagging Sedin.
    4. Or, you spend the cash on more scoring (which the Canucks don’t normally suffer from but can’t hurt in the playoffs.)

    It’s my hope, that a team like Florida, who struggles to spend to the minimum required will take a front end loaded contract like Luongo’s in the next couple of years when the amount he is getting paid is less than his cap hit. IE They will WANT the 6+ million cap hit and like that they only have to spend 2.5 or whatever the number is.

  5. TeamCoHo says:

    I am a huge Schneider fan but in all your points you are missing two
    things                                                                                                                                      1.Schneider isn’t a proven season starter yet.    
    2.Not one of your points addresses the above facts
    At best you are proposing a gamble changing a system that has taken this club above and
    beyond its past seasons of 40 years.

  6. TeamCoHo says:

    Twitter knows I’m not perfect but i at least try to read the article I’m commenting on

  7. Dapuddle says:

    So of the teams that have won the cup since the lockout, name which had a proven top goalie? *HINT – there is just one. Money is better spent on a different position. Schneider is good enough.

  8. Neil B says:

    I’ve seen a couple blog posts on ‘the Luongo issue’, and I agree with what you’ve said here. Lou is a bargain for his cap hit, and would be easily moveable if the ‘Nucks decided to do so. I do think that Luongo will win the Cup; I don’t know if he will do it in Vancouver. I have a suspicion that the fans will run him out of town. To me, Lou was hung out to dry by Coach V’s single-line scoring strategy and the ‘Nucks lack of depth. Despite having the best overall scoring in the NHL, the ‘Nucks were a one-line-plus-Kess team; however, they played like they had 3 scoring lines, a weakness which was exposed by Chicago and Boston both.

    This season will be the true test. With Higgins & Booth on Kess’ wings, Vancouver has a real 2nd line, and a real second-unit PP.There is, however, one point that you don’t address in your post: Lou has simply not been good in the playoffs for the past 3 years running. Since 2008 (when the Canucks went from a trapping style to a freeflow  attacking style of play, Luongo’s regular-season performance has been at his regular high standards: 2.35 GAA with a .919 Sv%. However, looking at the playoff performance over that same length of time, he has the following: a 2.73 GAA with a .909 Sv%.BTW, it’s not just Lou; the ‘Nucks give up a shot a game more during the post-season — you know, the time when the contenders are playing better hockey.It’s that reality, coupled with his spectacular play during his first post-season, that makes many Canucks fans feel that he’s not trying in the post-season. And it’s that reality, mixed in with the volatility of the ‘Nucks faithful and especially the way that we treat goalies, that makes me worry that when we see Lou lift that silver mug over his head, he’ll be doing it for some other team.

  9. Buzz Bishop says:

    If the regular season mattered then this would matter. Cups matter.  In 20 yrs, you can look back on your record and say “I was a damn fine regular season goalie with great stats” at the end of the day, however, you dont have a Cup.

    Kypreos has a cup ffs.

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