Ranted: Is Shanahan into Campbell’s Kool-Aid?

Well, it’s a new season and another Boston Bruin makes a cheap, dirty play.

This old scene is becoming as predictable as a Jennifer Aniston movie.

Only this time, this season, NHL fans (outside of Boston) figured there would be a different outcome to the same old story.

With the introduction of new NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan, and his nit-picking start to the season when it came to dirty hits and headshots, NHL fans figured that the old Colin Campbell days were over.

Surely Milan Lucic would be penalized for his hit on Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. Lucic after all doesn’t have a clean reputation, and goalies have usually been protected from hits, whether or not they were outside the crease.

Lucic lowered his shoulder to make a hit and bowled over Ryan Miller on the open ice outside the crease, giving Miller a concussion, then saying (well, lying with), “I didn’t have time to stop.”

Really? You’ve been a professional hockey player for how long and you couldn’t avoid hitting Miller? No one’s that stupid, buddy. I think even I could have avoided that hit and I’m awful on skates.

Yet somehow, Shanahan ate it up as if someone like Milan Lucic would never think of hitting another player. Not our sweet little Lucic!


In fact, rather than be stern with Lucic, Shanahan preferred to have a stronger reaction to the Sabres’ organization for suggesting that Shanahan declared open season on goaltenders.

Shanahan responded with:

“I think Buffalo’s comments are irresponsible to suggest that it’s open season… I will have this warning for players: ‘It’s not. If you run a goalie, you’re going to find yourself in the same situation that Lucic was today, you’re going to have to explain yourself and you don’t explain it sufficiently, and if I don’t buy it, you’re going to be suspended.'”

Sooooo I still don’t see how this ISN’T declaring open season on goalies, Brendan. Forgive me if I’m confused, but if you somehow bought Lucic’s idiotic lie about not being able to stop, then you’re a very gullible man and will then most likely believe other lies that come from players in the future.

To sum things up, based on that “hearing” with Lucic, players shouldn’t have a problem convincing Shanahan of their innocence, whether they’re innocent or not.

After all, Lucic is the sweetest most honest, cleanest player in the NHL. Why would Shanahan ever doubt his word?

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  1. Apple says:

    You missed the point though, Katie. Lucic plays for the team that Shanny’s boss’s son plays for. ‘Nuff said.

  2. rockstar44 says:

    Ridiculous. Could Lucic have avoided contact? Maybe. Could Miller have avoided contact? Yes. Why is it Milan Lucic’s job to avoid any and all contact with a goalie coming out of his crease? Lucic was entitled to the puck just as much as Miller was. In fact Miller was on the fringe of the Goaltenders privileged area. Had Miller stayed in his crease and this happened, yes suspend Lucic. I think Shananah was right not to suspend Lucic because he was making a hockey play, trying to go after the puck, and Miller came out to meet him. Lucic did in fact change course just before the collision, while Miller did not. Lucic leaned away, while Miller leaned in. Miller stayed in the game for a whole period, and got hit again later in the game. His apparent concussion cannot be used as grounds to suspend Lucic without also being grounds for discipline against his own team, as team doctors cannot allow a concussed player to continue on. If Miller was in fact concussed from the Lucic hit, then he should have immediately been taken to a quiet room. You can’t pick and choose your arguments for whatever you want. The rules are the rules, they were followed in this situation and Shanahan is putting his foot down that hockey plays are going to stay in the game, goon shots and cheap play will not be tolerated. Had Buffalo players stood up for their goalie, I bet Miller wouldn’t be nearly as upset. He is a frustrated goalie on a team that hasn’t been producing in front of him.  

  3. peanutflower says:

    Yah, no, a goalie isn’t fair game if all he is doing is coming out and challenging the player on the breakaway.  This sets a dangerous precendent.  This is not the same situation as crazy legs Turko roaming all of the place and pretending to be a defenceman, this is a goalie coming out of his net doing his job.  There should have been a suspension or at least a major penalty on this play.  Shanny is starting to play goood old boy favourites already.  The Bruins got away with a complete bag of shit in the cup finals and it looks like this is just one more to add. 

  4. AnthonyJTa says:

    Apple…how many suspensions and Stanley Cups did the Florida Panthers make away with? Retard. This article is dribble with no substantial fact…just another whiney Canucks fan.

  5. No need to call anyone “retard”.

    Here are the facts:

    1) Lucic drilled Miller.
    2) There is a rule in the NHL rulebook that addresses no. 1.  (There is also an understanding among players that goalies need to be protected.)
    3) Lucic gave Shanahan a story on why he did no. 1. (i.e. He didn’t have time to stop.)
    4) Shanahan believed no. 3 and didn’t suspend Lucic.

    Given these facts, are we to believe that anyone else who runs over a goaltender and says he didn’t have time to stop will be dealt with in a harsher manner?

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