Lament of a Fan in Exile

  • Anonymous

    Oh, this hits so close to home!  Granted, I wasn’t even a hockey fan as a kid, but being an American and a Canucks fan in DC is no picnic.  :)  

  • BP

    I hear you. After Vancouver I lived in Paris for five years. I think I saw 2 games because of an early east coast start at a Canadian themed bar that showed games. Now I’m in Montreal, but so far the locals seem to appreciate the Canucks, certainly more than the Bruins or Leafs.

  • Bart Byl

    My in-laws live outside DC (Fairfax) and I had to agree not to discuss Ovechkin with my father-in-law, for the sake of family peace. 

  • Bart Byl

    More than the Bruins or Leafs? That’s not saying much!

  • Earl Gordon

    I was a Canucks fan in Palo Alto for 2 years. I knew a few other hockey fans (Canadians) but none were Canucks fans.
    For every game I went to a sports bar by myself, the Old Pro. They had about 30 TVs in the place – when I’d walk in all 30 would be on college football or NBA. I’d get my 1 TV in the corner to watch Canucks games.
    It was pretty difficult have no one to turn to when Cloutier let in Lidstrom’s shot from centre (except my good friend Crown Royal).

  • J.J. Guerrero

    I hung out with my good friend, Jose, after Lidstrom’s goal.  Jose Cuervo.

  • Derek O’Brien

    Scott Road? Would you be a North Delta boy? I am, but I’ve lived in Prague for the last 5 years–that means home games start at 4am. When Burrows scored in game 7 vs Chicago and Bieksa in game 5 vs SJ, I had to leave for work in less than half an hour. I have encountered another Nucklehead in the city. We organised Stanley Cup parties for every game in last year’s finals, advertised on the internet, and all sorts of Nux fans on European holidays joined. We had about 100 people to game 7 (a 2am start) and about 80% were pro-Canucks. 

  • Okanagan Transplant

    You are not alone in your East Coast Exile.  We’re few in number, but there are other BC-transplants/Canucks fans who now call NB home.  I’m a couple of hours down the road in Sackville (home to Mount Allison University).  The Canucks’ Stanley Cup run last year earned the team some more fans and jersey/cap-wearers, but it’s still largely Leafs, Habs, Bruins (booo), Sens, and Pens country.  I will admit that I did buy a Whalers ball-cap this year… 

    I thought that I had found a new ally when a Penticton and fellow Okanagan boy moved to town, but he shocked me when he admitted to being a Flames fan.  How is that even possible???  We struck up a friendship nonetheless and he regularly has to wear my Canucks jersey as punishment for any Calgary losses to Vancouver.  Satisfaction is sweet even when there’s no one else around who really appreciates just how painful it is for him to don that jersey. 

    All the best in Fredtown.  Hopefully you find comfort in the knowledge that you’re not the only one trudging to bed at 2am on Saturday nights.

  • Nat

    100 peopple for a 2am start?  Awesome.

  • Bart Byl

    It would be almost comforting to have a Flames fan nearby to mock. Lucky!

  • Bart Byl

    I was from Cloverdale, actually. Love your Prague playoff story!

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