Contest: Win a Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada Prize Pak

J.J. Guerrero

Founder and Executive Editor of Canucks Hockey Blog. Proud Canadian, hardcore Canucks fan. I would like nothing more than watching the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. Against the Leafs.

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19 Responses

  1. Bruce Ng says:

    hey first comment on this! i’ll hopefully be taking my 2 boys down to the oval to skate! it is all hockey all the time with them, so they will be thrilled if they get the chance to meet Trevor Linden. okay .. it will be more of a thrill for me, but still =)

  2. Carmen says:

    Trevor has been my fav since 94′ and well FIN come on!!

  3. Areta says:

    Head to the Richmond Olympic Oval and check out all the various activities like the interactive exhibits and big screen hockey games.  Hope I get to meet Michael Buble!  Good thing I’m already an Oval member because we get early entrance at 10 am!

  4. Patti Mitchell says:

    I’ll be doing the traditional, going to the local rink for a free public skate in honour of Hockey Day in Canada, then back home to watch the tv coverage from around the country.

  5. Angela M says:

    Our family will be gathering at my house and watching the games all day on the big screen:)

  6. Maggie Van Esch says:

    I will be sportin my Scotia Hockey Day in Canada Jersey and having an open house all day for friends and family to stop by and watch hockey.

  7. Tracy S says:

    We will be watching from our living room.  Cheering on our favorite team, the Canucks. Wearing our jerseys.

  8. Jen says:

    We are celebrating at the hockey day events in Richmond BC!!! 

  9. Dilara says:

    We’ll be heading to the Richmond Oval to catch all the action!

  10. Rita Wacholtz says:

    We will spend hockey day by re- watching the 2009 hockeyville game in Terrace and then going out to play shiney hockey with the kids

  11. Shane Kroeker says:

    Outdoor hike for sure, followed by watching hockey on TV!

  12. Xing says:

    I’ll be going over to the Richmond Olympic Oval because they have a full day of festivities. 

  13. Kelly says:

    Either going to the Richmond Olympic Oval or Staying home and watching all the hockey games.

  14. Jen Yee says:

    Staying home and watching the games with family! #GOCANUCKSGO!

  15. I’m most likely going to be working that night, but probably watching the games before and afterwards!

  16. Rita Yee says:

    watching the CANUCKS beat Calgary on CBC!!!!

  17. Timmy Bear20 says:

    Gotta love it when all the Canadian teams are playing on the same day

  18. annie says:


  19. Vicki Knowles says:

    I was at the Richmond Oval for Hockey Day Feb.11 and entered to see if I won two tickets to a Canucks game.  I put my number given to me in the computer and to my surprise I it said I had won only to be told by an attendee that there was a problem with the computer and they would have to look into it.  Quite the let down.  Someone took my name, email address, and phone #, but I have yet to hear anything.  I don’t even know who I should contact to find out if I am indeed a winner or not. Outside of the up and down of this experience the day was great for myself and my two little grandsons (5 and 2) who absolutely love hockey.

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