Out of Town Notebook: Leafs vs. Oilers – Which Rebuild is Better?

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3 Responses

  1. bdiddy18 says:

    some other differences between Toronto and Edmonton

    Oilers actually called it a rebuild while Burkie would spit at any mention of the word. This is also evident in how all moves made since Kessel where made to attempt to make the playoffs that specific year not build for the future. 

    so on building blocks for the future – its the Oilers in a landslide

    The Oilers have a core being built around Ryan Nugent Hopkins, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle

    The Leafs ..well .. Nazeeem…actually nope its just still Kessel and the stroke of luck that Joffrey Lupul remembered he was a hockey player.

    Yes the Leafs MAY ….I repeat MAY just make the playoffs this year.  Credit burke for doing some decent “patchwork” that might get them to 8th.  And then? 

    Darryl Katz said when he took over ownership and then again when they announced the rebuild upon conclusion of the 2009-2010 Season.  He doesn’t want to just see a playoff team, He wants a championship team.  Will Tambellini/Renney combination lead the way… perhaps not..but the pieces are slowly starting to form to not just make the playoffs but go deep in the playoffs.

    As for Brian Burke – he deviated from his Canucks model – built via draft with the No. 2 and No. 3 pick of the Sedins, and the similar model which he inherited in Anaheim who drafted Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan.  And opted the more expensive trade and create mode.  That might get the Leafs a playoff ticket but there is no chance in hell it his goaltending duo of Reimer/Gustavson survives one round let alone 4.    Basically the Maple Leafs of 2012 and beyond are on the roller coaster ride of the Oilers of one year in one year out of 1995 to 2006.

  2. Thanks Bdiddy18. Look, I 100% agree with you. If you look at high-end talent, the Oilers have it in spades over the Leafs. I also think the Leafs, as currently constituted, are destined to be in a playoff spot battle over the next few years. My argument is that I have less confidence in the Oilers maximizing their prospective talent than I do in the Leafs. At some point, the Oilers are going to have to fix their defense and goaltending (although I’ve always been a Dubnyk fan). Maybe the Oilers have those solutions in the pipeline (I know they’ve got some good defensive prospects). But if the Oilers have to go out and trade/UFA their way into solving their weaknesses, I just don’t think Tambo and company are up to it. I also don’t think Renney is the type of coach who is around for winning-time. So do the Oilers have better offensive talent than the Leafs youngsters – absolutely. Do I think they potentially have a higher ceiling than the Leafs organization? Probably. Do I think the Oilers franchise will get the most out of that talent in terms of championships and playoff wins? Nope. I think we’re going to look back on these Oilers as a missed opportunity; whereas I think we’ll look at the Leafs and say “they were exactly what they were supposed to be.”

  3. bdiddy18 says:

    Well the Oilers have window of opportunity hasn’t even opened yet, the defensive warts must be addressed but they will be trading from a position of depth to obtain the help they need.  I am in agreement with the management of the Oilers, more so the coach than the GM but much like in Pittsburgh (firing Therrien and winning with Blysma) and in Chicago (firing Savard and winning with Quenville) the Oilers will do the same. 

    It took the Sedins and Kesler some time before they became the true core of the franchise, followed by suprises like the emergence of Alex Burrows.

    The Oilers are basically back to the days when you could mop the ice with the twins, but kids grow up so fast these days……

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