The morning after the Hodgson trade

Matt Lee

Matt Lee has been a Canucks follower and a prototypical Canadian for years; it started on the streets by playing road hockey before and after Vancouver Canucks games and it's brought him here. After graduating from SFU with a BA in Communications and a minor in History while serving as the student newspaper's sports editor for two years, Matt is now a student at BCIT's Broadcast Journalism program in hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster.

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5 Responses

  1. peanutflower says:

    Rumour is Hodgson’s family and his weirdo agent were pretty overbearing and unhappy with Cody’s ice time.  Um, yeah, family and agent don’t dictate to the coach and GM.  In the end, no one knows what really happened if anything did, but I see this as a lateral move.  No harm no foul. 

  2. I keep hearing this Candidate sh**. So is every rookie. Get real. He’s a good prospect. He doesn’t fit. The only way he would be playing in the squeaky bum time would be that every other possibility was busted. He plays soft people. If he played 1st or 2nd centre in the playoffs we’re toast. Now if he could check this wold be an entirely diferent conversation.

  3. Kel says:

    How trading Hodgson for Kassian helps this team win now: Better distribution of ice time among different types of centres: With both Pahlsson and Malhotra being premier shutdown C, the team can afford to give all the offensive zone minutes to the top two lines.  Hodgson’s recent success in scoring came because he was given more offensive zone minutes.  By giving those minutes back to Kesler (and maybe with two big wingers Booth and Kassian), the team is most likely to score more.  And don’t forget Gragnani, who can become a poor man’s Ehrhoff.

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