Mar 292012

Yesterday, the Canucks launched their Celebrate Responsibly Campaign with a series of touching videos each titled “This Is Our Home.”

Showcasing the natural beauty of the region, ‘This is Our Home’ promotes a simple message of the inclusive and positive nature of sports and community. It shares the values of the season-long Heart of A Canuck tradition celebrating courage, honor, humility, integrity and passion.

After seeing the events that took place immediately after Game 7 last year, you can count us here at CHB to be in full support of the campaign. We count ourselves as some of the best Canucks fans out there and it pained us significantly to see other so-called fans unleash terror and chaos on many innocent people & businesses. And as the premiere Canucks blog, we thought it prudent to provide you our own posters in support of the campaign (albeit a more tongue-in-cheek take).

The first in the series is the Sad Luongo poster. Feel free to spread far and wide!

Sad Luongo

Don't set cars on fire. You'll make Luongo Cry.

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