CHB PSA: Stan Likes Steam, Not Smoke

Stan Likes Steam

Don't burn our home. Stan likes steam, not smoke.

I’m guessing some of our younger fans aren’t going to know about Stan Smyl, which is too bad because he meant as much to the franchise from ’78 to ’91 as many of the modern era’s leaders. There’s a reason his jersey is up in the rafters of Rogers Arena. Remember how Trevor Linden scored the Canucks two goals in game seven of the ’94 finals? Smyl had the only one in a 3-1 game four that saw the Islanders, who were a powerhouse compared to the Canucks in 1982, sweep Vancouver. He wasn’t the captain in that run but he was given the C the year after. That was also the only one of the Canucks Stanley Cup Final appearances that didn’t end in a huge mess downtown.

Steamer might be 54 now but I still wouldn’t mess with him…so don’t mess with Vancouver, or you might have to answer to Stan Smyl.

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