CHB PSA: You Wouldn’t Want To Disappoint Trevor, Would You?

Disappointed Trevor

If you smash a window, Trevor would be mad. He'll just be disappointed.

Vancouver seems to want to move away from public gatherings in the city and trying to move people to suburban areas but let’s face it, the downtown core will be packed as long as the Canucks are in the playoffs.

So when you’re out there this post-season, we here at CHB would like to remind you to have a great time but that if you do decide to start some trouble, your actions will have consequences. Not only will you make poor Roberto Luongo cry, but you might get a look like this from Trevor Linden. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to disappoint a man that played on one leg to try and bring Lord Stanley to Vancouver. I’m sure he was pretty close already when people needed to be told not to torch their own city.

So don’t disappoint Trevor, folks. More tomorrow!

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