Around the Smylosphere: Hope, Optimism and Fixing that Damn Powerplay

Darryl Sutter, Los Angeles Kings

Photo credit: The Globe and Mail

We all know the numbers. After losing the first 2 games at home, the Canucks trail the Kings 0-2 in this Western Conference Quarterfinal Series with the next 2 games in La-la land. The odds of coming back from a series deficit as such is small. Only 16 of 99 teams have lost the first 2 games at home of an NHL first round series, and then come back to win it.

It’s a steep climb, but it’s not impossible. The Carolina Hurricanes did it against the Montreal Canadiens in 2006, and the ‘Canes went on to win the Stanley Cup that season. Ditto the Boston Bruins, who did it last season, also against the Habs.

Alix pretty much hit it in the head when, after Game 2, she tweeted, “Of course the universe would make us look to Boston for inspiration. LOL.”

Unfortunately, the Canucks aren’t playing the Habs, but let’s not lose hope just yet. Certainly, things are still sounding pretty optimistic around the Smylosphere:

J.J. Guerrero

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