CHB Contest: Win Game Two Canucks Playoff Tickets!

Last season’s run to the Stanley Cup Final outlined a number of different players who’s performance dictated the success of the team. Alex Burrows against the Blackhawks. Ryan Kesler against the Predators. Or Kevin Bieksa against the Sharks. We could even say that Luongo’s performance against the Bruins was a difference maker as he shut out the Bruins twice in the Stanley Cup Finals. We discover every playoff series that a player stands out from the rest.

So as we watch the puck drop today in the Western Conference Quarterfinal, who will it be this go-round?

Great Save Luongo

Photo Credit: Jeff Vinnik/Getty Images

In a series where the first goal may dictate the games winner, my money is on the play of Roberto Luongo. While the Kings were ranked 29th in goals for over the season, they were ranked 2nd in goals against – and we’ve all seen that the Canucks have been more focused on the process than they were on offense. And when you mix a little Vigneault with a little Sutter, you’ve got yourself the recipe for a war of attrition.

So who do you think the “difference maker” will be for the Canucks?

If you tell us, we and our friends at the Rosedale on Robson have a pair of Game Two playoff tickets to give away.

To enter:

  • For one entry: In the comments section of this post, tell us which Canucks player you think will be the difference maker in this series. (Make sure you enter your email address when you log-in so we can contact you if you win.)
  • For a bonus entry – Tweet the following:

I entered and RT to win Game 2 #Canucks playoff tickets from @canuckshockey @RosedaleRobson & @lyteforce #CHB

You have until 3:00 PM on Thursday, April 12th to enter. Once the contest closes, we will randomly pick one lucky entrant who will become the proud owner of a pair of upper bowl tickets to Game Two on Friday, donated by our friends at the Rosedale on Robson. You must be able to pick the tickets from the Rosedale on Robson (833 Robson St. at Hamilton) prior to puck drop.

What are you waiting for?

Chris Golden

Chris is the Head, Social & Community Relations here at CHB, hosts the C4 podcast and is the guy who goes streaking when Chris Tanev scores goals. He's also still looking for 1.21 gigawatts of power.

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254 Responses

  1. Bryan W says:

    H sedin

  2. Nancy says:

    I pick Kesler but there are probably a few other difference makers as well.

  3. Christine Yao says:

    Chris Higgins. The guy is the duct tape for this team.

  4. Kevin Lam says:

    Jannik Hansen!

  5. Kntwaller says:


  6. Iris says:

    Ryan Kesler will be the difference maker.

  7. GetHiggyWithIt says:

    Chris Higgins for sure!

  8. Sonia says:

    Chris Higgins is my pick

  9. LC says:


  10. Sunshine G says:

    I think it will be Burrows.

  11. Ben Jammin says:

    I think Higgins will be making the difference this season

  12. Jaci Reeves says:

    Always bieksa!!

  13. Billiondollarprincesss says:

    I think H Sedin.

  14. Clarissa says:

    Alex Burrows!!

  15. Rhythm Candy says:

    Hmm.. tough decision, but based on what I’ve seen recently I’d say Booth. 

  16. nuckgirl says:

    Lapierre all the way!

  17. Ivy says:

    Alex Burrows, duh 🙂

  18. Don Foran says:

    Bitz (ultimate underdog) & Bites (Birthday Boy Burrows)

  19. Andylgregory says:

    Difference maker = Luongo. Have faith.

  20. Sheila says:

    Burrows will make the difference.

  21. Lostulendo says:


  22. MJ says:

    I think Maxim Lapierre!

  23. Karen says:

    Daniel Sedin will make the difference – once he’s back in the lineup!

  24. Lizelle says:

    Alex Burrows always clutch

  25. Art B says:

    #14 Burrows will be the guy.

  26. ssw says:

    H.Sedin all the way!!!

  27. Bons says:

    Ryan Kesler!

  28. Secheltmarsh2 says:

    Byran Bitz …. he showed em!  

  29. Melissa says:

    David Booth – first playoffs, love it when he takes the puck to the net! 

  30. Vanessa says:

    Burrows – He always score big goals! 

  31. Carl says:

    I pick David Booth.

  32. Bailey says:

    I think the obvious answer is most likely Kesler or one of the Sedins (as my hubby would say) but im not a technical fan per se, so i would go with Burrows…he is cute, fast, funny and he got the first goal last night! 😛    (Baileyh82)

  33. Joshua says:

     Ryan Kesler will be the difference maker.

  34. Jeremy says:

    Alex Burrows

  35. Max says:

    I’m going to go with Hansen.  I think this series is going to be all about the secondary scoring, and Hansen is going to be our guy.

  36. chadkun says:

    Roberto Luongo,because he’s going to give the team a chance to win every night if he plays like he did in Game 1.

  37. Alex Wilke says:

    Lapierre is going to get under the Kings skin before the series is over.

  38. Samir Javer says:

    Roberto Luongo!

  39. Chrisarruda says:

    Jannik Hansen baby!

  40. Summer says:

    Maxim Lapierre For Sure 🙂

  41. Kaychapp30 says:

    Lapierre will definitely be a difference maker. He knows how to get under everyones skin and he steps up his game every chance he gets. Hes a great asset to the team for sure.

  42. Timmy Wong (@timmywong11) says:

    Kes needs to be the man in game 2.

  43. Gabrielle says:


  44. Jennifer Cookson says:

    For this series I think it will be Dan Hamhuis..he’s the best defenseman we have right now!

  45. Shivani says:

    Luongo, goaltender vs goaltender! 

  46. Helen says:

    Ryan Kesler the beast!

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