CHB PSA: Be A Disturbance On The Ice, Not In The Streets

Lappy and Burr Disturb

Be a disturbance on the ice. Not in the streets.

In honor of our French-Canadian-pests-supreme-turned-first-line-wingers, today’s CHB PSA is brought to you by Maxim Lapierre and Alex Burrows, who have six points between them since they got bumped up to the first line with Henrik Sedin. Burr and Lappy would like to remind you that being a jerk is only okay on the ice…whenever the referee isn’t looking.

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6 Responses

  1. Josh Hall says:

    honour – Burr and Lappy would want you to spell it right!

  2. Josh Hall says:

    But good PSA. Love it.

  3. Darshini34 says:

    Yup that’s rite being on the ice is much better than being on the road

  4. Honor, honour, or l’honneur?

  5. Especially where disturbances are involved.

  6. Josh Hall says:

    honour…only because it’s Canada. 😛 I guess the last one works too if you like to speak in dee uh, how you say, francaise?

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