CHB PSA: Robbery Only Belongs In The Crease

Robbery by Schneider

Cory only commits robbery between the pipes.

I was downtown during the game 7 fiasco and walking down Granville Street, some guy handed my buddy several pairs of board shorts, several sizes too large for anyone who’s name doesn’t end with “the Hutt”. I wondered why on earth he took them from the store because one, he wasn’t going to wear them and two, since he was handing them off, he wasn’t even taking them home to use as table cloths or car covers. But that about sums up a lot of silliness that happened after the 4-0 game. Just people being stupid for the purpose of being stupid.

What’s also stupid is how the Canucks backup goaltender has been playing…stupid awesome, that is. Cory would like to remind you to steal games, steal wins, steal goals from opposing players…but leave the Hutt shorts in the clearance bin where they belong.

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