Out of Town Notebook: Western Conference Semifinals Playoff Preview

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2 Responses

  1. Great great article. I’ve been trying to push this story to the forefront all season long. The game has become boring. Can’t remember the last time a highlight reel goal was scored where I jumped out of my seat. It’s just predictable and boring now. Dump the puck in. Retrieve it. Pass to the point. Shoot it on net. Hope for a lucky bounce or deflection. Repeat. 

    Both teams do that all game long, and at the end of each game, the team with better luck or more powerplays usually wins, and it’s turning the whole Stanley Cup tournament into a boring coin-flip tournament. 

  2. Wayne says:

    I could definitely see the Red Wings signing Zach Parise, but I see Ryan Suter either re-signing with Nashville or signing with San Jose should the Sharks move both Patrick Marleau AND Dan Boyle.  I realize that Suter would force any team interested to pony up some cash under the cap, but if the Sharks do indeed deal both Marleau and Boyle, I’d expect them to bring in some younger players, prospects, and draft picks in exchange for them and free up extra cap space if they want to sign Suter.  Remember, Ryan’s dad, Gary Suter was a Shark at one point. 

    Just my US$0.02, but I just can’t see Suter signing with Detroit because the Preds and Red Wings just played a playoff series and they’re division rivals.  It would just feel strange and to an extent, just plain wrong for Suter to wear a Red Wings uniform if you’re a Preds fan.  I can understand if the Red Wings want to make a run at Suter should Nick Lidstrom retire, but I think the Wings could sign a bargain defenseman with great upside or draft a defenseman on Draft Day (provided they trade up in the 1st round) if Lidstrom does retire.

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