Ranted: Luongo deserves better

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8 Responses

  1. Tony King says:

    very nice post Katie.  Is getting harder and harder to deal with it.  Has led to much more focus and attention to secondary teams of my liking.  Which is funny because my other team (Flyers) has far worse goal tending tandem (similar setup as ours, older veteran, younger prospect) then Vancouver and even their fan base doesn’t act half as bad as Vancouver’s

  2. Clay Imoo says:

    Good post Katie…and welcome back.  :p

    I too indeed called out those cheering for Luongo getting pulled). in a tweet last night:

    “It’s too bad that 5,000 smart fans can’t be louder than 13,500 not-so-smart ones.”

  3. Peter says:


  4. byrdman says:

    Nice passionate plea!!! What do you say to the fans that said Luongo should never have come here and since the day he stepped foot in Vancouver have said he should be traded? And most importantly… Professional sports are played at such a high level with such precision that minute fractions are the difference makers, and Luongo needs us behind him, he is to inconsistent for us not to defend him, the fans booing him may (most likely) rattle him somewhat. If for a split second he thinks – hope I play well and don’t get booed while a guy is shooting – in goes a goal. And that is why we should support him – because as athletes will tell you environment has an effect and we are the environment at home games. HE needs our support

  5. josh says:

    Agree with the booing part, really classless. He is a Canuck and we should never boo players on our own team. 

    But despite how great a player you think Lou is he does have some serious downsides. He’s inconsistent, prone to letting in goals in bunches, and mentally questionable. He played great for some of the playoffs last year (and the years before) and played terrible for some of the playoffs last year (and the years before). I remember him shutting out Boston twice and also blowing games where we could have all but won the cup, specifically games 3, 6, and 7 where he didn’t even give us a chance. You remember the game against Slovakia in the Olympics and I remember him giving up a goal to Parise in the last 30sec of the gold medal game and looking overall shaky before Sid eventually won it for us.

    I feel for Lou, I really do, and I think we give it to him more then he deserves, but theres a sizeable portion of the fan base that is never gonna forgive Lou for blowing it last year unless he wins the cup.

  6. Abby says:

    Well played.   *applause*

    Let’s start focusing on the positives of Lu, not the negatives. There’s a lot more positives than negatives.

    Also, is there any way to take care of the bandwagoners and idiots that are making a mockery of a passionate and excited fanbase?  Like perhaps pushing them off the wagon?

  7. Bettyhenderson says:

    My point exactly ! I believe Luongo is one of those people, that NEEDS to know the Fans are behind him . He seems to be an emotional Player, and you can almost SEE him lose confidence, after one or two get by him.NO matter if it’s him, or not. He is an incredible Goalie, and Fans aren’t doing him, OR themselves, any favors, by not being Behind him , Win or lose.

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