Ranted: Why Cory Schneider shouldn’t have had to apologize

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4 Responses

  1. Bdiddy18 says:

    As an Oilers Fan – I didn’t even really see it as a dig against the Oilers, it’s true we are not currently relevant, and if you need to come up with an example of what different from a top team and a bottom team – well Edmonton will obviously come to mind first – picking first overall three seasons straight will do that to you.   

    In fact the part to pick out most out of it is Schneider says all the top teams are hated.  Well that is true, but there is a caveat to that – they are hated because they win the whole thing.  And there in lies the problem with Vancouver.

    I don’t necessarily hate Vancouver, but I admit I do enjoy watching them fail.  Why? because of the amount of Chirp that is happening in the stands and on the ice, without a single season of being the top dog. I lived in Vancouver for the past 18 years, over this time I have seen media and fans participate in bravado only to be knocked down over and over again and eating crow.

    when Messier was signed – the Province’s cover page had him lifting the cup with a Canucks Jersey

    when Naslund,Bertuzzi, Morrison were ripping up the league – there was a two page story on how they stack up to the Dynasty Oilers.  This story was in the regular season.  Canucks were out in the first round

    quotes from players of planning parade routes prematurely, actions on the ice etc etc…canucks you basically do it to yourself.

    then the kicker – when other fans CHIRP ..Canucks army and some of the Canuck organization sound the alarm! they react so intensely and with full force the intended result is achieved.  The sensitivity is comical.  once again you do it to yourself. 

    your down 2 against LA, focus all your efforts on the series, don’t be distracted by the chirp.  Funny thing is – I bet those that chirp still haven’t counted the canucks out, those within canuck army I’m not so sure.

  2. My God, the audacity of Canucks fans being excited about having a good team! You say bravado, I say we’re excited.  Yes, there are some that cross the line, but every team has that.  Hell, there are known MEDIA types who cross the line, including a certain one from Edmonton who wrote an open letter bashing the team and personally attacking the the city and its fans.  

    Admittedly, I’ve only been a fan of the team since the early/mid-90’s, but even then the Canucks were seen as a laughingstock franchise.  Between the constant losing and lousy draft picks, the Canucks have always were always poked fun at.  

    Even now, when the team is doing relatively well and is a role model in the community, there are some who insist on tearing them down.  Dan Tencer, Damien Cox, Barry Rozner, Mike Milbury, the Boston media – these so-called professionals chirp and taunt and attack and ridicule the team, its players, the city, the fans, and they wonder why they draw the response they do?

    Check Twitter last night and see how many fans threw taunts at me.  Check my feed and see if you can find anything I said to provoke that.  Check the comments from the blog’s posts from the Finals run last year.  Take note of the racial, sexist and other derogatory comments from other fans.  Tell me if this blog ever provoked that sort of response.

    Yes, there are some bad fans in Canucks Nation, but you’re delusional if you don’t think they exist elsewhere.  And those fan and media trolls are just as delusional if they think they can continue to attack Canucks Nation and not expect them to eventually hit back.

  3. I am a long standing Canucks fan, the players, the team, and the whole association.  They are great.  I believe in them, and will continue to do so.  People either like the Canucks or don’t like them. Haters, media or otherwise will not make up my mind for me about the Canucks, or anything else for that matter.  Go Canucks Go!

  4. I pretty much agree with Bdiddy18. As you know Katie, I too am an Oiler die hard who bleeds Oiler blue and who has resided in Vancouver for the past 13 years. I understand the sentiment from Schnieder – that top teams will garner hate and teams near the bottom don’t get hated. But there is some interesting things to consider. Why are the Red Wings not generally hated? Why when the Flames playing for the cup in ’04 were most Oiler fans cheering for the Flames and when the Oilers made the finals in ’06 were most Flame fans and all of Canada (more or less) cheering for the Oilers even though the Oiler-Flame hatred goes very deep? Or why did we all cheer for Ottawa in 2007? On the other hand, the vast, vast majority of Albertans, and most of the rest of the country, wants to see the Canucks fail. WHY?

    What it boils down to is not necessarily being a “good team” will get you automatically hated. It’s how you play the game and how you win or lose that will either garner respect around the league with fans and media alike or make you hated. Growing up in Edmonton, I got to see what i consider the greatest NHL team to ever play. Tikkanen was a yapper. Messier threw elbows. Gretzky wasn’t a “diver” but I watched him embellish quite a few times on the way down to draw penalties. So did Kurri. Yet, what I saw in those days, is nothing like I see the Canucks doing over the past few years. Lapierre, Burrows (yappers) Kesler, even the Sedins, and other Canucks are some of the worst divers and poor sports I have ever seen. Sorry, but it’s true. They’re probably good guys outside the rink but fans and media around the league as well as former Canucks (was it Mitchell or someone recently I can’t recall?) Milbury calls then smug, arrogant. So does Cherry. Recchi. Dan Boyle talks about the Canucks plan is to dive. This does not just happen because teams are successful. This happens because it’s true. Type “Vancouver Canucks divers” into google, you’ll be amazed at the videos and articles you’ll find. 

    It’s also how your fans act towards other team’s fans and how Chirpy (thx Bdiddy) their fans are in general. Not all Canuck fans are Chirpy, but many are. Unfortunately, the rest of you are painted with the same brush. 

    We also watch Canuck fans bandwagon and bash their own players like no other. I actually feel bad for Luongo with how he gets treated here! 

    I do feel for you Canuck fans (Katie included) who are intelligent about the game and who are great fans and like respectable, honest, hardworking, tough hockey and who are mired in the crossfire. 

    Yet, despite all of that -you have a talented hockey team, there is no doubt about that. If your team can win the Cup ~ none of this will mean anything. 

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