The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 Kings 1

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2 Responses

  1. Bella_o_0_Sirena says:

    You know how great it is to hear everyone talking about Canucks after the game last night?! It was very disappointing to see people dropping their expectation on Canucks after they lost the third game. I understood how frustrated people were because I was too. Yet I was so emotional when i saw people starting taking down Canucks’ posters. It really was heart breaking! I had never given up on Canucks even after the lost on Sunday. I doubt if I will ever turn my back on them. I knew they were great, and they
    just didn’t find the right way to play. I was really excited about Daniel coming back on ice and join the team although I was worried about his health. I was holding my breath and sweating badly while the game was playing. I noticed Daniel was a little bit cautious and didn’t really get any points after the entire game… But he did bring the real Canucks back! Everything in the game was great. Some mistakes happened but was acceptable. I almost burst into tears on the moment we scored. This was- Our Canucks Our Game!

  2. Lizz Moffat says:

     Thanks for the comment Bella, that’s the spirit! Although I think Danny did get an assist on Henrik’s goal 🙂

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