CHB Playoff Prediction Pool: Stanley Cup Finals Predictions and Results After Round 3

In our hotly-contested CHB Playoff Pool, Caylie has vaulted into top spot thanks to a stellar round 3 where she correctly guessed the Kings in 5 games and the Devils in 6 games.  Ed and Tom hold down second and third place respectively ahead of a three-way tie for fourth.  Here are the complete standings after round 3 based on 1 point for naming the correct team and a bonus point for guessing the correct number of games:

  • 11 – Caylie (7 series, 4 bonus)
  • 9 – Ed (7 plus 2)
  • 8 – Tom (5 plus 3)
  • 7 – JJ (6 plus 1)
  • 7 – Clay (5 plus 2)
  • 7 – Victoria (4 plus 3)
  • 6 – Chris (5 plus 1)
  • 5 – Matt (5)
  • 4 – Richard (4)
  • 4 – Lizz (3 plus 1)

Here are the predictions for the Stanley Cup Finals.  Each blogger was to provide a prediction of team, games, and Conn Smythe winner (MVP).


  • Devils in 7
  • MVP:  Brodeur

It will be a defensive series with great goaltending and depth on both sides. The Devils’ experience will shock the Kings and will earn them Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Martin Brodeur’s past Cup experience will outshine Quick and earn him the Conn Smythe Trophy. Marty is looking like he did in his prime; winning the Cup yet again could be the perfect end to a legendary career.


  • Kings in 5
  • MVP:  Penner

I’ve come to the conclusion that the hockey Gods despise me and as such, I shall acquiesce to them by saying the Kings are going to win the Cup.  While both teams have size, lights-out goaltending, and a moderate amount of skill, my differentiators are the hope the Gods piss on my pick and eliminate the Kings and just because.  And if they don’t, at least I got something right.

I choose  Dustin Penner…if only to get a pancake sponsorship deal (him not me).


  • Kings in 6
  • MVP:  Quick

The Kings are more well-rested and they made quick work of higher-quality opponents (Canucks, Blues, Coyotes) compared to the Devils (Panthers, Flyers, Rangers).  Many people are favouring the Devils’ experience but there is just something about this Kings team.  Plus, I would have a hard time cheering for a team called the Devils.

Quick’s playoff numbers are unreal (1.54 GAA, .946 SV%, 12-2 record).


  • Kings in 6
  • MVP:  None given

I don’t see anyone stopping the Kings’ run.


  • Devils in 6
  • MVP:  Brodeur

LA’s writing a great story, but wouldn’t 40-year old Martin Brodeur winning a 4th Stanley Cup be a nice Hollywood ending?


  • No picks submitted


  • Kings in 6
  • MVP:  Brown

Dustin Brown will win (shudder) the Conn Smythe because of his gritty play and his ability to annoy the heck out of opponents.


  • Devils in 7
  • MVP:  Henrique

It’ll be a goalie duel, but a real testament to Brodeur’s career as he adds yet another Cup.

At 22, Henrique is going to have a great career. Watch him light it up this series to add to his two series winning OT goals.


  • Kings in 6

Tom previews the Stanley Cup Finals in-depth here.


  • Kings in 5
  • MVP:  Quick

Why the Kings?  Because it’s the polar opposite of what I want to happen (which is how the entire playoffs  have gone so far).

Why Quick?  Because if any other King gets it I will vomit.

Clay Imoo

Clay Imoo is a Canucks season ticket member and creator of Canucks parody songs. He is a co-host of the C4 podcast and writer of Things That Make You Go Hmmm and CHB's Top 10. More importantly, he is a husband and father.

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