Cory Schneider agrees to new deal and why liking it doesn’t mean hating Luongo

Victoria Pattison Denault

Victoria was born in Habs country, moved to Leafs territory for college & Canucks town for work before immigrating to the land of sunshine, movie stars & KINGS. When not watching hockey Victoria writes novels.

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6 Responses

  1. S_patrick98 says:

    I like the fact that we have a chance to win the cup with both of them, and hope that when one is doing bad, the other should be put in. Im very happy that they want to keep Cory. That is a good choice. He has proven himself as a top[ goaltender, and loungo has also proven himself. I think that the Canucks should split the season for the goalies,and see if cory could do as well as loungo.
    This is just my apinion. I like both goalies.

  2. Victoria says:

    I agree with you Patrick. I’ve always said we have been blessed with 2 starter goalies and should play them that way. I would love to keep both and play them, as merited by performance. i feel like AV started to do that last year, which was great. But it’s the cap hit that makes doing it this year risky and maybe not the best option. 
    Also, I wonder if Cory does end up running away with the season, due to a really good performance, is it fair to Luongo to keep him on the bench this season when we could have traded him to a team that needs an established #1 right now? 

  3. Stephanie says:

    I agree with S_patrick98 … I think they should keep both goalies …I think Loungo will want/need another goalie and Schneider is there to help.   Both goalies have proven themselves with their game and I think having both of them will help leviate some of the stress for one goalie alone.  Its not just a goalie who can help win the Stanley Cup, its all the players if they put the effort in.

  4. Victoria says:

    I agree Stephanie! As I said in the article no 1 player can win a Cup on his own. And I wouldn’t put it past Gillis to do just that. He doesn’t always make the obvious choices. But my concern is what if keeping them both means giving up a shot at a solid forward or defensemen (like Nash, Doan, etc) because we don’t have the cap room? I’d rather give one of the goalies up. We need scoring & some additional defence. There’s something Cory & Luongo both can’t do for us – score goals. :-)

  5. S_patrick98 says:

    Nice point Victoria, we could use someone who could score,or help put up points on the scoreboard. If they do trade Luongo for a strong d-man, or forward, it would make them a strong team for the cup. golies dont offton score,the canucks could use a scorer.

  6. S_patrick98 says:

    I  want to thank Cory for signing for a few years.

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