This is Vancity: Victory Blog Post, Vancouver Canucks

The following is a guest post by This is Vancity. They beat us by many points in the Hockey Greats Charity Pool and therefore won the right to the agreed-upon victory post of their choice.

We did it. We beat out the best in Vancouver’s blogosphere and we did through the most honourable means, a charity hockey playoff pool.

Now, we expected to sweep everyone in the pool, but then again, we also expected our very own Blue, Green, and White to bring the Cup home (next time boys!) We should also mention that’s trash-talking was rather Bieksian (to be honest) and we thank for organizing this better than A.V. every could. From our point-of-view, it is this kind of friendly competition that makes Vancouver what it is.

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J.J. Guerrero

Founder and Executive Editor of Canucks Hockey Blog. Proud Canadian, hardcore Canucks fan. I would like nothing more than watching the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. Against the Leafs.

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