The 2012 NHL Lockout According to Twitter

Gary Bettman waited around ALL WEEKEND, and Donald Fehr never called him. If Justin Long has taught me anything it’s that he’s just not that into you.

And just like that, the NHL is in its 3rd lockout in 18 years, and this, tweeps, is how we all reacted.

NHL Lockout 2012

As the NHL locks out their players for the second time in 8 years and third time in 20 years, CHB tracks your reactions in this special version of The NHL Lockout According to Twitter.

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Dear friends and loved ones, if you’re reading this it means the NHL has declared a lockout on the  2012-13 season. As with all momentous events, the world took to Twitter to exclaim their outrage and console their losses. This is their story. 
Now this day didn’t come as much of a surprise. We saw it coming all summer. Here at CHB we even made posters.
Things really took a turn for the worse on Tuesday when both sides held press conferences. First up: The NHLPA. Apparently Fehr didn’t impose much of a dress code.
Sportsnet just cut from a huge stretch run MLB game to show a bunch of NHL Players in shorts standing on a stage….LBAF
Yo NHL Players…maybe wear a collared shirt for the NHLPA presser meeting. We’re with you, but sheesh, look like professionals.Jamie Thomason
So, who came out looking more reasonable and less philosophically rigid in their press conference today? Don Fehr, or Don Fehr?Adam Proteau
I just think it’s a shame that both sides are trying to villainize the other, instead of focusing solely on getting a deal done. #nolockoutKatie Helms
Bettman showed up next, and he wanted us to know that he feels very, very bad about the whole thing, but he won’t be giving in.
NHL VideoCenterWith NHL Network Online you get all hockey, all access, all the time, live and direct around the league, every goal of every game, NHL Li…
"If you buy that, I have a profitable Phoenix franchise to sell." RT @cotsonika: Bettman: "This is very hard, and I feel terrible about it."Andrew Bucholtz
Aw poor Bettman. No one will miss hockey more than he does. #nhlHosea Cheung
He would also like you to know that he waited around ALL WEEKEND, and NO ONE called him, and if Justin Long has taught me anything it’s that he’s just not that into you.
Love the visual of Bettman and Daly dicking around the NHL HQ, waiting for the phone to ring, playing waste basket-ball, eating pizzaGreg Wyshynski
@wyshynski One of them goes out to grab lunch while the other stays by the phone just in case it rings.Kevin Forbes
Not that a phone call would have done much good. Gary still sounds a little sore about the last CBA, which was somehow much too fair.
Gary Bettman calling the last CBA "too fair" is going to become one of my favourite sports quotes.Andrew Bucholtz
Aside from CFL players, #NHL players are the least paid professional athletes and Bettman still wants to cut their salary. SMHRenz
Isn’t Gary Bettman the one who wants the NHL to be viewed as a legit big-4 league? This perpetual lockout act is pretty bush league.Ron MacLean
In response…. CHB made more posters.
Hey bettmam, Remember in 06 when we had the NHL lockout? You’re an idiot #winterstinkswithemptyrinksDan McGovern
Unlike in 2004-05, I find almost no one siding with the owners in the #NHL lockout. The #NHLPA is winning the public relations battle.Dale Arnold
Also, the @NHL not having the Kings raise their banner before Nash & Kobe steal that market back is the biggest waste. Bettman fail againStu Hunter
Games lost due to labor strike/lockout since 1992 by sport NFL: 0, NBA: 504, MLB: 938, NHL: 1,698Matt Cockell
Although a few mandates did seem a little personal…
The NHL has now announced that the Sedin twins are locked out of their bunk beds and their tree fort. #LockoutGetsPersonalCorey Snyder
The NHL has locked out Dustin Byfuglien and Kyle Wellwood from their fridges and all fast food vendors. #LockoutGetsPersonalCorey Snyder
Bad news bears for all involved.
I don’t even wanna call him Gary Bettman anymore. That’s too close to "Gary Batman".He’s as far from Batman as it gets #lockoutj.Bowman
Well that’s for sure, he’s neither the hero we deserve, nor the one we need right now.
The Dark Knight (Ending Scene)miwosh
Can you imagine if the NHLPA called in Batman right now? Seriously, just think about it for a minute. Hell, he’d probably just have Fox buy the league and be done with it.
Despite apparently finding all of their contracts much too expensive, and far too fair, the GMs of the league still found it in them to shell out a few more dollars to sign and re-sign players before the CBA expires.
Big day. Expect NHL teams to spend a couple hundred mil they can’t afford then pull the plug.Bryan F.
So Doan gets 20mil the day before the lockout from a team currently owned by the NHL. Apparently Gary can’t control his GM eitherKirk MacDonald
5 years, $4 mil per across the board for Fowler and Ducks.Darren Dreger
@NHL owners create the market for player salaries, then #lockout hockey because their cyclical business model isn’t sustainable. #whosefaultJAMB_Crew
How can you feel sorry for #NHL owners who apparently need more cash but continue to sign players longterm for big bucks on lockout day?Matt Lambert
NHL probably looks like the worst league ever. On the eve of a lockout where contracts are being criticized, big money is being spent.Jordan Kuhns
What a joke. RT @capgeek: With an #NHL lockout hours away, teams have now spent $168.375M re-signing 12 players over the past two days.Canucks Hockey Blog
Not every player filled his day with contract details however.
I love when people are full out making out at restaurants. Especially when the sound effects are louder than the music being played.Gabriel Landeskog
The weekend was a little tougher for the rest of us.
Some of you took to protest.
"Hell no, we won’t go" RT @helenenothelen: Fans outside NHL office/store Russo
10 more hours before Gary gets the hat trick. RT @helenenothelen: Another protest sign Hockey Blog
I want you to get up right now, go to your windows and yell "I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore". #NoLockoutBecause It’s The Cup
This lockout is like Marchand’s nose: it’s long, it’s ugly, and I hate it! #NHL #LOCKOUTHabarnac
While others couldn’t take the heartbreak.
I bought a coffee this morning and when the lady asked how I would like it I screamed "WITH HOCKEY!" and ran out crying.Steve Dangle Glynn
One things for sure…all @NHL arenas will be able to make their ice surfaces out of the fans tears this year #lockout @NHLPADana C. Nielsen
Drinking myself into obliteration because of the NHL lockout #cantevendealKristen Lundstedt
The idea that there may be an NHL lockout in 7 hours is killing me #mylife #dontknowwhattodowithnohockey #butivegotseasontickets #NOLOCKOUTAshley
don’t even want to think about how awful this year is going to be with the NHL lockout #depressed #hockey #oneloveEleanor
If anyone needs me, I’ll be crying myself to sleep over the @NHL lockout. You can’t ask your athletes to take a 24% pay cut… Ever.Meagan Brantley
If theres a NHL lockout, my heart will be locked-out.Kaleigh Tillman
But I think we can all agree that it hurts hearts in Winnipeg most of all.
The @NHL fans I feel sorry for the most in regards to a lockout are the @NHLJets fans. They waited so long to get the #NHL back.Triple Deke Photo
It’s true, it’s a cold, dark place there.
Winnipeg on SNLlrobb31
On the plus side, maybe Molson will bring back their saddest commercial.
during lock-out molson commercialjaydee96
Although, some of us could really benefit from the extra time…
My dear fellow Canadians, let’s all come to grips with the fact that an NHL lockout will make our nation far more productive this winter.Rob Duffy
In the wake of the NHL lockout, 82% of puck bunnies plan on going back to school to get their GED.Stats Canada
Now that we seem to have some free time, what else shall we do with it?
Playing video games seem like an acceptable choice.
NHL ’13 has a new "Be A Commissioner" mode. You take the disc, smash it with a hammer and no one gets to play.Happy Gilmore
6 hours until the lockout begins. NHL 13 aquired. Time to sit in thr dark all night, play NHL 13, and dream of better days.Seamus McKale
Of course, we could always find some other hockey to watch.
Why do people keep saying that there will be no hockey past tonight? There will still be hockey — just not NHL hockey.Kat
How about a whole new league? North American Hockey League would sure be a big hit. #NHL owners can have their #lockout forever. #NHLPADimitri Qvintus
Upset as I am about the NHL lockout, the AHL is going to be unbelieveable this year.Tony Basile
As has been reported, Hockey Can and NHLPA discussing a Can-Rus series involving locked out NHL players. Part of 40th anniversary of 72.Darren Dreger
Don’t mind missing a couple months of NHL hockey if it gives me a Canada vs Russia series with NHL players, hope this happens sounds amazingJeff MacDonald
Can you even imagine? Soviet series ’12, I am down!
And if all else fails, other ice-related sporting endeavours.
At least we still have curling. #lockout #NHLBrian Koziel
But no basketball. That’s for sure.
I was really hoping the NHL wouldn’t go into a lockout. What the hell do they expect me to watch? NBA? Hell no.Charles Hardin
Besides the Soviet series that all just seems like a lot of work. Let’s check back in with the negotiations…
Steve Fehr says the NHLPA suggested formal meeting before the midnight deadline but were told by league there was "no purpose" in doing so.Chris Johnston
so Bettman said: willing to meet anytime, players say let’s meet today, and Bettman says, waste of time! #notansweringtheHQofficephone #LIARDeborah Burke
NHL lockout is about to happen. I need 3 shooters from the NHLPA and 3 shooters from the owners……….Jarrod Romyn
Where are the NHL Guardians when we need them most? Oh, we never should have mocked them!Alex
Stan Lee’s : The NHL Guardian Project (2011 NHL All-Star Game)hokies1976
If only it was this easy: #noNHLlockoutSpencerDubas
Oh, if only. With 30 minutes to go, what are the chances we’ll see a Saturday night miracle?
Gary Bettman to open #SNL and announce they’ve come to an agreement. #rumor #nottrue #false #wouldbecoolthoughShane M
Nope, just Seth MacFarlane… I’m not sure I’d like to see Bettman try humor anyway, let’s leave to two guys who do like sports.
We Like Sportzthelonelyisland
30 minutes… *cue Bonnie Tyler* /holds out for a heroHackett
 I guess all that’s left is to countdown to lockdown.
Happy NHL lockout day everyone! #EndOfTheWorldInCanadaCaitlyn
So just about an hour and a half until the #NHL #Lockout is official. Should I start drinking now, or hold out with irrational hope?Erin M. Harris
As at it gets closer to 11:59pm the NHL lockout will be in full effect. I guess I’m going to have to get familiar with the KHL… #pissedNila
At the stroke of midnight tonight, a piece of my heart will die from dispair. #NHL lockout is a crime against the great game of hockey.Patrick
The countdown to NHL lockout begins in Times Square. Wait, no ball drop at midnight? Simpson
Going to have a NHL lockout party tonight I think. Get my jersey on, have some people over and watch old Jets games until midnight. #BEERLloyd Hannesson
And ladies and gentlemen, we are now locked out. @NHL #lockoutPeter Fabrycki
And so, the contract has expired. Let NHL Lockout 2012 begin.Karen Chan
At least we’ll always have the Mighty Ducks to keep us together.
when the NHL is about to have another lockout and make people sad and stuff?? DUCKS FLY TOGETHER #D2Chris Telford
We Are Ducks, And Ducks Fly Togetherbauer2997
Well, that and the assurance that things will never end well for Toronto.
NHL lockout or not, one thing remains certain: either way the Toronto Maple Leafs have the same odds of making the playoffs.James C Lin
See you all soon… I hope.

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