Shooting From the Hip With @_EricaDawn and @Mitch_SBMedia: Lockout Woes and Worries


We’re two weeks into the NHL lockout so I decided to check in with another two Canucks fans about their feelings, their frustrations, and their outlook.

Erica (@_EricaDawn) only acknowledges two seasons and is lucky enough to experience both in British Columbia:  hockey and summer.  Erica was born in Langley, raised throughout the Lower Mainland and currently resides in Coquitlam.  She has an education in hospitality management, a job as a food and beverage department supervisor, a passion for hockey and travel, and a love for her Boston Terrier fur-baby Cali (named after her favorite place to be…California!). She travels down to California to watch the boys in white take on the three local teams.  Her top three not so best kept secrets would be her love for Halloween, her love for Disney, and her love for Ryan Kesler.


Mitch (@Mitch_SBMedia) was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, but don’t hold that against him. He moved to BC at the age of two and ever since he can remember, he’s lived and died by the Vancouver Canucks.  He studied audio engineering which in his words was “a colossal waste of time and money”.  Currently Mitch finds himself as a production and logistics coordinator in his home town of Coquitlam.  A devoted partner to his lovely girlfriend of eight years and father of two, Mitch is already well on his way to being a hockey dad.  As a matter of fact, he recently assaulted another parent in the parking lot after his four-year old sons’ “refresher” hockey class.  When pressed on the subject all he could say was “It’s an ongoing investigation, but I think if you know me, you know I’ll do a three or four year bid just to prove a point.”  When he’s not watching hockey or playing it, his time is spent with his girlfriend and kids. Mitch also blogs about hockey for Northwest Sports Beat, Rob the Hockey Guy and Nucks Misconduct. He’s also a member of the secret order of the Stonecutters.

1.  How is the lockout affecting you?

Erica:  The lockout doesn’t just hit the fan side of me, it also hits the pocket books as my job is affected as well.  Our regular group of hockey friends have nothing to get together over and have created this awkwardness as it was just expected that all away games we did something!  With nothing to look forward to every second or third day I have learned to appreciate three days straight of baseball on my TV and Sundays for football.  Thankfully my baseball team of choice the San Francisco Giants have secured the NL West & the San Francisco 49ers have been off to a good start.  I think by throwing myself into those two sports it’s allowing me to get out the “crazy fan” within as much as possible.

Mitch:  It’s weird.  I don’t really know how else to describe it.  I really just started to blog about hockey and it’s going to be very weird not to have a season in which to blog about.  During the last lockout I was in school and I don’t really remember that entire year to be honest; I just kind of found other things to do.  Not sure what else I’m going to do this time around.  I could try writing fiction but the end result would be some weird twisted story about a Princess who’s also a hockey player that happens to slay vampires by night.  What’s the market for that like?  Probably not very good I would imagine.

2.  Whose side are you on (if you were forced to pick one)? 

Erica:  I am on my side, first and foremost. We have millionaires vs. billionaires while I struggle to pay my bills.  I am on the fans side second.  Where does this leave us?  The NHL doesn’t care that the phrase “This is what we live for” is literally the definition of so many countless Canucks fans, let alone the whole NHL fan base!  Between the players and the league, I would side with the players.  I wouldn’t want to take such a drastic pay cut either after being offered that wage.  The player can have an idea in mind of what they would want to receive, but ultimately it’s that team offering that salary to the player so he will play for them and not another team willing to pay less.

Mitch:  In the classic “Good vs. Evil” story I’m always for evil.  In fact I actually cheered for team Iceland to beat the USA in the Mighty Ducks 2.  But I have to side with the players…and the fans.  They want to play and we just want to watch them play.  I don’t want it to get to the point where they’re scouting rec leagues and I end up on the first line in Columbus, you know?  I suppose I could just hold out until they trade me.

3.  What’s your prediction of the date of the next NHL regular season game?

Erica:  If I had control over it, I would force teams back to play and the NHL to suck it up tomorrow.  Hockey should be considered an essential service to the fan base they carry!  Realistically though I can see this lockout lasting until January, or worse this entire season.

Mitch:  If I was a betting man, who I am but a terrible one I might add, I would say put your money on any time after January 1.  Given the way the NHL has been so willing to cancel preseason games and likely blocks of regular season games soon; I don’t think we’ll see anything before 2012 is out.

4.  What have you been doing with the time you would have spent been watching hockey?

Erica:  Pouting and complaining on Twitter about how hockey is not on my TV right now.  Watching more football and baseball than usual and looking for another part-time job!

Mitch:  I don’t have a ton of free time as it is.  Between work, kids, and my girlfriend I find a bit of time to play hockey myself.  I might take it a little more serious without any actual hockey being played.  Sell my dives a little more.  Hack the bone if I see someone lose a shin pad.  I was also thinking of following Aussie rules football but only if I can ever figure out what the hell they’re doing.  Also, my Legion of Blog GM Connected league is keeping me quite busy.  If I could, I would have fired my coaching staff and rehired them a few times over.

Clay Imoo

Clay Imoo is a Canucks season ticket member and creator of Canucks parody songs. He is a co-host of the C4 podcast and writer of Things That Make You Go Hmmm and CHB's Top 10. More importantly, he is a husband and father.

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