A Trade Market for Bobby Luo

J.J. Guerrero

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2 Responses

  1. Mannysparky says:

    Yap. I called this before the CBA was even settled. I knew the Flyers would come crawling. If this was the only opportunity you had to get rid of your massively expensive, enigmatic distraction of a sieve Russian goaltender – you’d do it too. They don’t want Bryz, nobody else in the league does either at that price point. They can’t bary him in the minors due to new CBA rules and his NMC – the only option they have is to buy him out. And a goalie like Luongo comes available once maybe every 6 yrs –  and Holmgren with his goalie graveyard knows it. I bet he goes all in on Luongo.

    I also think maybe 1 or 2 new teams will come calling. GMs will have more $$ in their pockets due to the new CBA. Some will be more anxious than others to put a better team on the ice (just like last lockout). Gillis was right to wait it out. He’s also right to wait it out till the summer when potentially more teams will be calling of course, there are risk in doing that – and I don’t think he waits that long.

    But I will say this, Toronto has zero chance to acquire Luongo if Philly and Florida are still in the picture. No way Lu waives for Tor when he can play at home (Fla), or for a cup contender in Philly. He he, good luck with Scrivens/Reimer Toronto! Ha ha

  2. If Gillis has shown anything in his tenure, it’s patience. In this case, waiting for the new CBA seems to have worked in his favor. Here’s hoping it translates into improved offers for Luo.

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