CHB Contest: Pick the 2nd Line and Win Canucks Tickets!

Chris Golden

Chris is the Head, Social & Community Relations here at CHB, hosts the C4 podcast and is the guy who goes streaking when Chris Tanev scores goals. He's also still looking for 1.21 gigawatts of power.

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  • Elson

    Raymond-Ebbet-Kassian. Good luck boys!

  • skyoneder

    Seems like MG might keep Luongo till the 2013 offseason when more teams can unload contracts to make a better offer for Luongo.

    With that said, the easiest way I can see the Canucks improving the 2nd line right now is to sign Gomez on a cheap one year deal.

    And then try out various wingers to see if Gomez can create any chemistry in the temporary 2nd line till Kesler and Booth come back.


  • Darcienolan

    2nd line – Raymond, Lapierre, Weise

  • don foran

    Raymond-Ebbett- Lapierre unless a deal for Lu goes thru which I would not endorse.

  • gonucks!

    may ray – ebbet – burrows : go canucks!

  • Deborah Burke

    Hansen, Lapierre, Higgins

  • Sebastian Steven


  • Breannakryska

    Trade luongo for bozak and some others
    Than have Raymond – Bozak – Higgins

  • jparks

    If no trade, I give Kassian a shot with the twins and drop Burrows to line 2 with Raymond and Ebbett — not amazing but a fair amount of speed and skill on that line.

  • Heather

    Lapierre, Weise and  Raymond

  • PhReAkShO

    Trade Luongo for Kadri or Frattin +

  • Jason

    5-10 games into the season, the market for Luongo will start to open up…

  • DCanuckgurl

    Correction: Higgins, Lapierre, Hansen

  • Carlz

    Give a 3 or 4 liner a shot at the job .. its not what individual skills a player has but the chemistry that the players have together ie the twins and carter

  • Visp

    Trade For- Aaron Rome- Vern Fiddler- Aaron Rome. Perfect line combo

  • Melaina

    I like the idea of Raymond-Ebbett-Burrows with Kassian up on the 1st line with the Sedins. Make Higgins-Lappiere-Hansen sort of a hybrid 2nd/3rd line and away we go! (we hope)

  • Gladys

    Put Higgins in as the 2nd line centre and hope for the best with Mason Raymond on the 3rd line.

    TBH, they’ll probably end up playing the trap again to get through this season, particularly as it seems Lu isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

  • Hien Tran

    Higgins, Lapierre, Kassian

  • Lee

    until kesler is back, split up the sedins…we know they can play well seperately 2nd line

    D. Sedin/Lapierre/Schroeder

  • Tahan

    Jordan Schroeder, Mason Raymond, Andrew Ebbett

  • Lucykab66

    Put Higginis  in as the 2nd line centre and Mason Raymond on the 3rd line

  • OceanScented

    Higgins, Lapierre, Hansen

  • Robyn

    I’m really liking the idea of putting Kassian with the Sedins, and having Burrows anchor the second line. We’re going to have to put a lot of faith in some of our smaller names to get the job done.

  • Deepakmaroke

    Raymond Schroeder ebbett

  • Michelle

    Raymond,Higgins and Lapierre

  • Jennifer Y

    raymond hansen malholtra =)

  • SeniorServiceBC

    Mason, Hansen & Lapierre

  • Teresarobinsonhb

    Raymond, Lapierre, Higgins

  • Jay Bockhodt

    Hansen, Ebbett and Higgins

  • Samir Javer


  • Annebruinn

    Pick up Tim Connolly who was released from the Leafs and put him with Higgins and Raymond.

  • Pijay

    Higgins, Lappy, Burrows

  • Helena

    Raymond, Lappierre, Higgins

  • LiamPayneFOLLOWME♥

    Lappierre, Higgins, Raymond

  • LiamPayneFOLLOWME♥

    Lappierre, Higgins, Raymond

  • #1DMeetEmilia

    I entered and RT to win #Canucks tickets from @canuckshockey@VanCanucks & @lyteforce  #CHB #OTOW

  • Stephanie

    Higgins, Hansen and Raymond

  • Yee Janoskians ♥

    Higgins, Lapierre, Burrows

  • Verified BRAT ♥

    Burrows, Lappierre, Higgins

  • Austin Mahone

    Lapierre, Burrows, Raymond

  • ♔ Nick Routley

    I feel good about the Burrows / Lappy / Higgins combo. They’d create some chaos in the offensive zone.

  • Lisa Zhu

    Raymond, Lapierre, Higgins

  • Ivy Cheung

    Burrows, Higgins, Lapierre.

  • Barbara Thai

    I like the top line the way they are. Have we tried Kassian, Lapierre, Higgins? Sounds weird now that I’ve written it out… Whatever happens I don’t want Lapierre and Higgins split!

  • Wu Shen


  • Daniel


  • Desai71

    Raymond Schroeder Kassian

  • Dukeofshuggles


  • kfriesen44

    I’d put Cody Hodgson on the second line.  Oh wait… shoot, we’re screwed! (Cleaned up for general audience viewing)

  • James

    Higgins, Lapierre, Hansen

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